Bitter Blood Japanese Drama Review 2014

As you may suspect, I started watching this story because I had never seen Sato Takeru in a dorama before. I know I should have, but I had his performances in movies and, even tho I’m a fan of his well portrayed Kenshin, I wanted to see the chemistry between him and the classic Watabe Atsuro.

I like action stories so a detective type would fit my interests, but I was worried that they would focus in their father and son quarrel instead of giving depth to the script. Lucky us, I couldn’t be wronger. The story is fresh from the family relationships point of view, with great tension in all episodes, several cases that will make the characters find their own weaknesses and strengths, and lastly, the soundtrack was great.

Bitter Blood Japanese Drama - 2014


Sahara Natsuki is a rookie detective that enters the Ginza Police as its #1 detective, but this station already had a detective, a eccentric one and above all, he is Natsuki’s father. Shimao Akimura divorced his wife when his son and daughter were very young and continued to live as a playboy all his life.

Now Akimura will be his own son’s partner with all the differences between them that are huge. While Natsuki has never dated before and tries to go by the law, his father’s eccentric behavior drives him nuts to the point that he doesn’t want to see him. On the counter part it might seem like Akimura doesn’t want to meet his son either, but he’s in fact regretting abandoning him and doesn’t know how to approach a grown up man that had always hated him.

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Starring Bitter Blood Japanese Drama

Takeru Sato (Bakuman, Rurouni Kenshin, Real) is Sahara Natsuki, this young detective that is good at his job but a little clumsy when it comes to relationships with his family or coworkers. He will have to deal with the hate towards his father, and learning that he hasn’t changed at all in the beginning will get him frustrated until he starts discovering that his father might be really good in his job and leave all his preconceptions behind.

Atsuro Watabe (ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad, Kurokouchi, Black Dawn) is Shimao Akimura a middle age divorcee that enjoys the company of young women and knows a lot about style and dating but nothing about raising his own kids. On the counterpart he does have a conscience and will try to get closer to his kids even tho he knows it might be too late. Working with his son will be troublesome since the young man doesn’t want him even near, but nevertheless he will keep going.

Shiori Kutsuna (Unforgiven, Petal Dance, Machiisha Jumbo) is Hitomi Maeda, a young detective that also works with this strange pair. Her dead father used to be Akimura’s partner and she was adopted by the station members as a little daughter that everyone needs to take care of, Natsuki included.

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Also starring in Bitter Blood: Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Tetsushi Tanaka, Sarutoki Minagawa, Keiji, Suzu Hirose, Reiko Kusamura, Katsumi Takahashi & Mitsuhiro Oikawa.

The father and son relationship is hilarious, the rhythm of the entire drama is great and fast, the music choice is awesome, and also it’s really well filmed. Cases will be solved always leaving a lesson behind about current problems that anyone can have. They won’t be chasing criminals all the time, but their own issues to keep growing up and learning how to be a better person. Is not the most unforgettable dorama of all times, but it leaves you wanting a second season. 😀

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