Lie To Me Korean Drama Review

Okay so, I gave it a second watch to this whole drama and it felt nostalgic, I just wish Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan would work again together in a romantic comedy like they did back then. This story has a lot of potential to be loved, but there are also a lot of reasons which it hasn’t made it into my favorites.

First reason is, well maybe because my taste is a little out of the ordinary, but in the other hand I felt that the whole story just deflate into the deep blue see while finishing. I still love the drama, but, I would have made it more intense towards the end. It still had a great amount of cuteness overload, but I felt that it took too long to finally get everything into place and didn’t last long enough.

I can’t be more specific because you know I refuse to spoil anything big so I’ll just keep going towards the review which I expect will help you decide either to watch it or avoid it.

Lie To Me Korean Drama

Lie to Me Korean Drama Synopsis 

Kong Ah Jung is a straightforward young woman who tries her best at her job as an administrative worker at the Ministry of Culture. Her naturally naive attitude usually gets her in trouble but at the same time she gets the job done and to the head officials, that’s all that matters.

She’s turning 30 soon, so her incredibly annoying friends (if you can call them that) ask her why isn’t she getting married. That’s when we know the true story behind the question. Yoo So Ran used to be her best friend, and after finding out Ah Jung was in love with her college sunbae, Chun Jae Beom, she married him leaving Ah Jung completely brokenhearted and with no intention of getting into a romantic relationship.

One day they happen to meet at the hair saloon, and after the typical question being asked, Ah Jung has no better idea than lying and saying she was married. That’s when all the confusion starts, since all her friends will think she’s married to a hotel chaebol who has no idea she even exists, although destiny has something else prepared for them.

Hyun Ki Joon is a perfectionist hotelier CEO who, unlike Ah Jung loves having everything under control and doesn’t allow mistakes of any kind. His life will surely change when he meets her, and it will be worst when their lives turn upside down when the rumor of them being married breaks out in every gossip magazine.

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He wants to end everything, she needs to keep lying. Will they find a neutral point where they can start knowing each other? We’ll see.

Starring in Lie To Me Korean Drama

Kang Ji Hwan (Big Man, Hong Gil Dong, Incarnation of Money) is Hyun Ki Joon, a perfectionist freak that is obsessed with order and doing the right thing. He will have to adapt Ah Jung’s sudden intrusion in his life, but that won’t be easy at all. He’s always effective in comedies, and one of my favorite actors, he should be casted soon.

Yoon Eun Hye (I Miss You, Goong, Mirae’s Choice) is Kong Ah Jung, a clumsy public administrator that loves to get her job done but has really bad luck. Her problems are only getting started when she crosses paths with Ki Joon, and he finds out the media is publicizing their secret marriage. I think her comedies were way fresher before, and although I love her, I think she needs to step up her game and find new expressions and better role picks.

Sung Joon (I Need Romance 3, Can We Get Married?, Gu Family Book) is Hyun Sang Hee, Ki Joon’s younger brother and the apparent black sheep of the family. He and Ah Jung cross paths first at a night club, but destiny has other plans for them. He’s a nice guy and unlike his brother, he doesn’t care about responsibilities although they get along pretty well. This was one of the first dramas Sung Joon made, and I have to say his performances got way better, although he keeps getting similar roles overall.

Hong Soo Hyun (History of the Salaryman, The Princess’ Man, Goodbye Dear Wife) is the super annoying Yoo So Ran, and the person that can’t live without competing in everything she does. She hides behind the image of a perfect marriage, but things aren’t that easy. I think she’s a great antagonist, not sure if she can portrait a lead by herself.

Cho Youn Hee (Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, Scandal, The King’s Face) is Oh Yun Joo, Ki Joon’s ex fiancee and Sang Hee’s first love. She run away after Ki Joon canceled their marriage. Her coming back to Korea will have a major impact in everyone’s lives. I tend to really love her acting, although that wasn’t the case here, I think she’s a great lead.

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Park Ji Yoon (Pretty Boy, Family, Grape Candy) is Park Ji Yun, Ki Joon’s assistant and long time friend. Their relationship is absolutely amazing, since they take their time to speak comfortably to each other speaking their minds and giving the best advice they could since they’re like brother and sister. I loved their dialogues and I wish there were more of it.

Also starring in Lie To Me Korean Drama: Ryu Seung Soo, Lee Kyeong Jin, Kang Shin Il, Kwon Hae Hyo, Oh Mi Hee, Kwon Se In, Song Seo Yeon, Kang Rae Yeon, Kim Bo Yeon, Ahn Jung Hoon, Jang Woo Young, Park Hyo Jun, Kim Kyu Jin and many more.

On the good side, main leads performances were, as usual, amazing. On the bad side, the rest of the cast (specially the second leads) were not that great. I wish there was a better trailer video but I couldn’t find it. If you happen so see one, please let me know so I can update it.

I love both lead actors in this drama, so I’m probably not being too objective with the review, but, pushing my limits I would say that it’s an enjoyable drama that isn’t the best out there, although actors make it worth the time of watching it. I feel like something was missing in the whole story towards the end, but it won’t be a waste of time if you decide to watch it. It’s still a very good drama with hilarious, sweet (extremely sweet), sad and happy moments that will make your heart flutter for sure!

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