Stars Falling from the Sky Korean Drama Review 2010

As you may see I always start an oldie to keep filling up my list of watched dramas, I had no reason in particular to start this one but the synopsis kind of called up my attention. Without any expectations the story began to win my heart bit by bit, even tho I didn’t like the female lead character at all.

The story is appealing enough to be entertaining, and short enough not to makes us wish it would finish right the way. The mysteries unsolved weren’t many considering its length, and they were well explained without any unnecessary additions that may occur in most of the dramas.

On the other hand, I would state that the cuteness of the script came from the little kids that did an awesome job at supporting the elders, and in some cases they performed even better than them. It’s not the greatest story in drama land, but if you are looking for a melodrama that is not so hard in the heart, maybe this would be a good option.

Stars Falling from the Sky Korean Drama


Pal Kang Shin is a clumsy 25 year old woman who only cares about looking good and spending money in clothes and make up. Everything she does is in order to be seen by one of the company lawyers that, of course, doesn’t even know her name. Pal Kang’s family is out of the ordinary since she has five adopted siblings, her parents decided to give a home to these kids and of course, the family house is crazy.

She goes through life being a mediocre insurance seller, she’s always late and since she spends her salary in clothes, she’s always asking for money to her friends. Being this irresponsible can only attract karma, and that’s what will happen with this big family when the parents die in a suspicious car accident. She’s left in the street, having to take care of her five siblings, including a little baby that needs extra care.

There is a possibility of work as a housekeeper for the lawyer she’s interested in. At first she insisted in working there just to be close to him, but now she can’t go anywhere else with the children by her side. She manages to enter the house as a live in housekeeper and secretly hides her brothers and sisters in the basement where she will be sleeping.

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This house is inhabited by three bachelors, the lawyer, his younger brother who has a good work relationship with Pal Kang and the nephew of these two who’s a complete nutcase. How long will she be able to hide her siblings in the basement? Will she be kicked out whenever someone finds out? And lastly, how will she work as a housekeeper when she can’t even make rise properly and her boss is a complete control freak?

The family also has a dark past and many secrets that where hidden on purpose without thinking that they might change the course of everyone lives.

Starring in Stars Falling from the Sky Korean Drama

Choi Jung Won (Her Legend, Brain, The Land of the Wind) is Shin Pal Kang, the older sister of 6 siblings. She’s reckless and dumb, thinks life is just a game and all she has to do is look pretty. When her parents die she will need to take care of her siblings and her personality will turn 180º, to the point that she will look almost insensitive. I don’t like Jung Won performances, I almost couldn’t finish watching Her Legend, and I wouldn’t watch a drama she’s on again, sadly Brain is in my list. T_T

Kim Ji Hoon (My Flower Boy Neighbor, Come! Jang Bo Ri, Goddess of Marriage) is Won Kang Ha, the control freak lawyer that doesn’t even know Pal Kang’s name and doesn’t care. He doesn’t want anyone to get close to him, and he likes his life the way he is. He has a younger brother who might seem he doesn’t like, but that’s because he can’t show emotions naturally. He always does a nice job, and in the love story, I think he was the one that developed a better personality change than Jung Won, who turned herself into a cold woman without emotions and a fish face.

Shin Dong Wook (Soulmate, Money War, Cloud Staircase) is Won Jun Ha, Kang Ha’s younger brother and the one with the nice personality. He will get along just fine with everyone until someone sees his true self. He’s been hiding her true feelings for so long that he even forgot. He cares for his brother in what may seem like a competitive relationship, but in the end all he does is for a greater good. I always enjoy Shin Dong Wook’s performances, I totally loved Soulmate and I wish he could go back to perform soon.

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Chae Young In (My Shining Girl, Live in Style, Temptation of Wife) is Jeong Jae Yeong, Jun Ha and Kang Ha’s friend since childhood, she’s annoying and spoiled. Has been in love with Kang Ha since her childhood, while he always refused to accept her. I didn’t like her character at all, not the nature, there has to be an evil in melodrama, but she was just not deep enough and there was something with her expressions that wasn’t good at all.

Lee Kyeon (The Three Musketeers, Come Come Absolutely Come, Spy Myung Wol) is Woo Tae Kyu, a grown up kid that refuses to be responsible. He’s the younger among the three man that live in the house, and also the most true to himself when it comes to feelings. He might be a nutcase sometimes, but in the other hand, he’s nice and caring.

Also starring in Stars Falling from the Sky Korean Drama: Park Ji Bin, Lee Yeong Beom, Cheon Bo Keun, Kim Ji Yeong, Lee Soon Jae, Kim Kyu Cheol, Jeong Ae Ri, Park Hyeon Suk, Lee Doo Il, Yu Ji-In & Jo Won Suk.

As you may have concluded it wasn’t the best drama of all times, it isn’t the worst either, but I think overall it turned out to be way lighter than anyone could expect for the amount of dramatic resolutions that were needed. It’s still a family drama that will bring some beautiful emotions to the table, but overall it will pass without any glorious moment. If you have a huge list of dramas, then let this one go.

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