No Otoko 2013 Movie Review

A visually strong movie that starts really high and keeps us there until we start discovering the real story behind it. I feel as if the thrilling couldn’t keep up till the end of the movie and sadly that makes us feel a little disappointed.

Despite that fact the idea of the movie is good and it also has a powerful script, even tho it might not give us everything it promises in the beginning, it is still a good one. There are two main characters that will take the lead among others and will put the bar high for the rest of the cast.

No otoko 2013


A series of bombings start happening without any known cause, when the police start investigating this crimes they are headed towards a supposedly abandoned location where they think the perpetrators are.

When they arrive they not only had themselves almost blown up in pieces, but they also find a suspicious man that was in that place at the same time. This strange man owns extraordinary capabilities and is now suspected as an accomplice of the attacks. Although we know he wasn’t from the very beginning.

At prison an expert psychiatrist begins interviewing him, just because she believes in redemption of the mind, that nobody is born evil and that in some point people can be changed for good. From that point she will start unveiling a story that might be the key to this person’s behavior and will probably be able to uncover the real killers. If this was it, it would still be a good plot, but the doctor has some interesting past as well that will add a little more flavor to it.

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Cast of No Otoko 2013

Toma Ikuta (We Were There, Kana himi, Honey & Clover) is Ichiro Suzuki this troubled young man that owns extraordinary abilities that make him a killing machine. His inability to feel emotions had put him in a difficult situation and is not really up to him to prove his innocence. I think actor played a rough part exceptionally well, but he felt under the charisma of the female lead.

Yasuko Matsuyuki (Suspect X, Hula Girls, Mother) is Mariko Washiya, the psychiatrist in charge of discovering Suzuki’s truth. She will have a hard time dealing with a dark part of her own life. Will she be able to understand fully how the mind of this man works? She’s awesome every time I see her, I think her performance is one of the best points of the movie.

Yosuke Eguchi (Rurouni Kenshin, Children of the Dark, The Haunted Samurai) is Detective Chaya, he played his part well but I think the role wasn’t that relevant to the story. Maybe that’s why I think he disappeared in the movie. He was okay but not the most memorable.

Fumi Nikaido (Future Diary, My Man, Himizu) is Noriko Midorikawa, the psycho that kills people by building bombs just because she knows how to and well, she’s crazy. She manages to make a big mess in the entire city and ends up thinking she’s the same as Suzuki. I think this part was the weakest of all, I had a hard time believing her although I know she can do it way better. So in my opinion this was a misdirection.

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The movie has everything, drama, fire, bombs, bodies, crazy people, mysterious pasts and a strong scenery. There is also a clue that will leave you hanging but you will have to discover it by yourself. It’s a great movie, the weak points are so few that I think I included all above. But in the end, if you watch it you will probably have your own valid opinion. Recommended.

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