Zombie 108 Taiwanese movie review

Okay, so, here’s the thing with Zombie 108 Taiwanese movie, if you enjoy really bizarre and non sense at all plots with girls kissing and fat drug dealers (oh, and zombies, I guess there were zombies here), then this is the absolutely horrible movie you were waiting for. If you don’t enjoy anything of the above then, stop reading and go find something else.

If you’re still here, then I will try to tell you about this mixture of bad decisions and really, really low budget on everything possible ever put in front of a camera. Zombies, bad performances, no sense scripts, badly made, filmed, written and directed you will get blood splashes (not as much as to be categorized as gore), naked girls (not that many either) and zombies (also too few to be worth the while).

Zombie 108 Taiwanese movie review

Synopsis of Zombie 108 Taiwanese movie

The apocalypse scene takes place in Ximending neighborhood, Taipei. A virus is creating zombies among people and there is no cure in sight. From one minute to the other, the entire city gets lost in bloodbaths. A mixture of police officers and swat teams, with gangsters and their crews, among with regular citizens will try to fight this nightmare. Will they survive?

Starring in Zombie 108 Taiwanese movie

  • Morris Hsiang Jung
  • Yvonne Yao
  • Sona Eyambe
  • Josh-Hiyakawa Wilson

I have to tell you, I haven’t seen a movie this bad in a really long time, in the end it became a laughable comedy that needed to be over and gone to Mars. Performances were just horrible, the plot didn’t go anywhere but down the hill and the whole thing was just a complete waste of time. The only great thing is the scene with the lost in the nightmare little girl.

On the other hand, because I know that some people enjoy watching this type of movies, it’s a great bizarre show if this is your thing, enjoy! Here’s the trailer which is way more promising than the real thing.

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