A Gentleman's Dignity 2012

It’s been two years since this drama aired and I bet most of us still remember the drama’s A Gentleman’s dignity OST. Memorable like a few and full of songs that stayed in our hearts together with the wonderful scenes and the lovely characters that happen to be portrayed over there.

This soundtrack is not only good but full of idol participations since most of them made cameos and performed roles in the drama. One of my favorites OST of all times after a few of course, but still has a place in my heart.

Favorite picks: High High by Kim Tae Woo, just because I kept on singing it for months. Beautiful Words by Jun Geun Hwa, My Heartache by Lee Hyun, You Are Everywhere and Spring I Love You Best by Big Baby Driver, My Love by Lee Jong Hyun.

A Gentleman’s Dignity OST Tracklist

  1. High High by Kim Tae Woo.
  2. Beautiful Words by Jun Geun Hwa.
  3. When I Look At You by Gyun Woo.
  4. Everyday by Park Eun Woo.
  5. My Heartache by Lee Hyun.
  6. You Are Everywhere by Big Baby Driver.
  7. Spring I Love You Best by Big Baby Driver.
  8. Love… What to Do? by Yang Pa.
  9. My Love by Lee Jong Hyun.
  10. More Than Me by Jang Dong Gun.
  11. Beautiful Pain by Kim Min Jong
  12. Your Sun is Stupid by Big Baby Driver.
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