Prime Minister and I Original Soundtrack

There was not much left from this drama after the last couple of episodes. I have no idea why it changed so much after the middle story developed it could have been great. Not that I will tell you that it was horrible and not to watch it, but it could have been better.

Usually original soundtracks have nothing to do with a drama in terms of memories. Even if we did not enjoy it as much as we wished, the music sticks in our heads without noticing. That is one of the main reasons that I post these type of articles, so we can go over the OST and enjoy the fantastic tracks that we would miss otherwise.

Prime Minister and I Original Soundtrack

List of Prime Minister and I Original Soundtrack

  1. Steps (발걸음) by Taemin.
  2. I Love You to Death (죽을 만큼 사랑하라) by Yoon Gun.
  3. Sweet Lies (다정한 거짓말) by Barberettes.

As you may notice, this was not an extended soundtrack list, I would have thought that a 20 episode drama would need more, but apparently I was wrong. It does not matter, in the end, there are longer productions that have the same amount. I will not select any favorites this time since there are so few, I assume you will want to hear them all.

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All the songs are really good, maybe better than the drama itself, so maybe when you are looking for this material to make your own selection, it is helpful for you to have the list of names.

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