Gap Dong 2014 Drama Trailer

Gap Dong 2014

For me he will always be Oska, and I’m so glad he’s leading the way again. I was a little frustrated on how his character ended up in I Hear Your Voice, I was really shipping for that couple, but well, we have to understand things in dramas usually don’t go the way we planned in our little dreamy heads. But enough of complaints, Gap Dong is the upcoming release from tvN, after the fantastic Emergency Couples sees its end, this crime production will have place.

Gap Dong 2014

Cast is promising, so is the story. If any of you saw Memories of Murder (which I strongly recommend), the script is based on that movie that is also based on real facts. I’m really glad Yoon Sang Hyun gets a lead role in a drama after a really long time, remember the last one was Can’t Lose that I personally couldn’t finish, someday I will, I promise.


This is a real life story that shows the happenings of the famous crime case that took place between 1986 and 1991 in the Taean Neighborhood of Hwaseong, known as the “Hwaseong serial murder case”, ten women were raped and killed by the same murderer (or at least detectives thought so), since all of them were wearing red.

A pretty hard starting point for a drama, but also very attractive from the audience point of view. Cast is really good (I see how tvN is getting more serious about names, we like it!). Starring in Gap Dong: Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Min Jung, Sung Dong Il, Lee Joon, Kim Ji Won, Jung In Gi, Kang Nam Kil, Jang Hee Soo, Jang Gwang & Jo Ji HWan.

Here are the character trailers:

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