Ju-on: The Beginning of the End 2014 Movie Review

Ju-on: The Beginning of the End 2014

I think there’s no asian horror fan that wouldn’t have seen Ju-On or its nice amount of sequels, they have become the most popular examples of the genre and they have been parodied over and over because of the use strong and super recognizable symbols and characters.

Well this is good news for us because there’s another one coming, The Beginning of the End leaves us thinking, will they ever end? I haven’t had the time to watch all the sequels but I think they’re an amazing work of horror and that they should keep them coming like for ever.

Ju-On: The beginning of the End 2014

Starring Ju-on: The begining of the End 2014: Nozomi Sasaki & Kai Kobayashi.

I’m not sure if this edition will be as good as the first two, just because the formula remains almost unchangeable and I already told you I tend not to like that pre made productions, but surely fans will welcome it with arms wide opened.

P.S. Posters are still awesome. Hehe xD

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