Modern Farmer Korean Drama Trailer 2014

There are many things that sound appealing from this upcoming drama, specially since audience usually loves stories that include music on their script. Modern Farmer will have particularly interesting cast that goes from really well known names to idols, famous models and drama classics.

First of all I am really happy Park Min Woo will get a lead role, since all his parts in the parts were tiny bits of a way bigger reality that included too many people. On the other hand, FT Island fans will be overjoyed since leader is back into action and this time he might have a smooth part in which he can be himself, funny and endearing (not like Bride of the Century *cough cough*).

It’s an eclectic cast that will require a well built story, and we will probably get it since SBS tends to show (for better or worst) robust scripting.

Modern Farmer Korean Drama


The band Excellent Souls is formed by Lee Min Ki, Kang Hyeok, Yoo Han Cheol and Han Ki Joon. They decide that in order to gain life experiences they need to move countryside. When they do, this series will follow them in their dreams, relationships of love and friendship and of course, their recently started career.

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Starring Modern Farmer Korean Drama

Band members

  • Lee Hong Ki (You’re Beautiful, Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Bride of the Century).
  • Park Min Woo (Can we love?, The Virus, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop).
  • Lee Si Un (Answer Me 1994, Shark, Noblewoman).
  • Kwak Dong Yeon (Inspiring Generation, Adolescence Medley, Jang Ok Jung).

Rest of the cast

Min A, Kwak Dong Yeon, Kim Jae Hyun, Lee Ha Nui, Lee Il Hwa, Lee Han Wi, Kim Bu Seon, Jo Sang Geon, Seo Dong Won, Oh Yeong Sil, Park Young Soo, Jo Woo Ri & Han Bo Reum.

There’s a little time left still to be able to watch it, it will be airing after Glorious Day ends on October 11, and will be one of the weekend dramas that will be released this season.

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