Monster 2014 Movie Trailer

Twisted personalities in a psychological drama that promises a lot and with these previews I think they might actually succeed. Having seen Moebius as the top sick movie last year, I can’t wait for less with Monster.

A bipolar girl looses her composure when rage takes her mind, in that moment she turns herself into the “Crazy Woman” as her neighbors call her. She lives with her little sibling and one day a stranger comes to her store.

Monster 2013

He’s a serial killer and a psychopath that in order to hide his actions kills the little sister. Now they will chase each other with these minds of theirs.

Starring Lee Min Ki (Chilling Romance, Dalja’s Spring, Very Ordinary Couple) and Kim Go Eun (Eungyo).

This will probably be a must on my watch list, so I’ll bring the review when I do so. For now those are the fantastic movie posters and here’s the trailer! =D

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