Next Generation PatLabor 2014 Movie Trailer

Good news for gundam fans, Next Generation PatLabor is an action movie that brings robots to life with Japanese classic style. I must say that machines seem to be very well designed, and I won’t lie…I can’t wait to see it! ^_^

Starring in Next Generation PatLabor

Storyline portraits the struggle of the Second Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police to survive a labor depression that has been taking place for a long time. To clarify ideas, this might be the first movie that boards a labor issue for robots (and their drivers, of course), I have no idea how this will develop in the movie, but it will probably be very interesting, and will add a little extra to the classic gigantic battles.

Next Generation PatLabor 2014

I can’t tell if its going to be good or bad. Expectations exist just because robots are involved and…well…we, the Mazinger Z fans grew up to be exited about it. Here’s the trailer! 😀

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