One Third 2014 Movie Trailer

One Third - 2014

Comedy and action tends to be a great combination, specially with a great cast. We saw a really short preview some weeks ago, but now the full trailer is out and this is what brought me here.

One Third - 2014


“Habani” cabaret crew decides to rob a bank, when they achieve their goal they divide the booty into three, but it’s not going to take long before greed works its magic. That’s when the real problem starts and they get chased by a mysterious person that wants to gets her hands on the money too.

Tatsuya Fujiwara is the manager, Koki Tanaka the employee and Ryuichi Kosugi one of the clients, together they’re gonna steal and try to steal again, but not without running for their lives too.

One Third - 2014

It’s a promising synopsis, probably with big laughs. The movie is based on “Sanbunnoichi” the novel written by Hanta Kinoshita in 2012, and here are the poster and trailer! Enjoy! =D

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