Otoko no Isshou Japanese Movie Trailer 2014

Other of the live action movies adaptations from popular mangas. This time is a life memories story which emotional charge and simple characters, that start building audience interest by the time the plot moves forward.

The lovely Nana Eikura, with a great amount of roles in movies and dorama series and classic Etsushi Toyokawa, with an even bigger list behind him, along with Ryuichi Hiroki’s fantastic eye. Will join forces to make this tiny story endearing and appealing to the audience.


Spending long vacations with her grandmother is one of the greatest pleasures Tsugumi Dozono has. She diligently works at an electronics company in the overpopulated Tokyo, and spending some time in the countryside with her family is everything she waits for.

Sadly, Tsugumi’s grandmother passes away and taking the best from the worst, she decides to stay living in her house and work from home. Everything was fine until she finds out there is a man living at the house, Jun Kaieda will enter Tsugumi’s life without a warning and she won’t have any other option than accepting this fact.

Jun tells Tsugumi that her grandmother was his teacher and that she had given him the anex house, and even tho, she doesn’t know the real relationship between them, Tsugumi will have to accept him and start living together.

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Otoko no Isshou Japanese Movie

Starring in Otoko no Isshou Japanese Movie

  • Nana Eikura (Library Wars, The Floating Castle, N no Tame ni).
  • Etsushi Toyokawa (Platinum Data, A Good Husband, South Bound).
  • Osamu Mukai (S – The Last Policeman, Honey and Clover, Atashinchi no Danshi).
  • Sakura Ando (100 Yen Love, Homeland, Penance).

Also starring in Otoko no Isshou Japanese Movie: Tomoya Maeno, Motoki Ochiai, Toshie Negishi, Mari Hamada, Yu Tokui, Minami, Mayuko Iwasa & Kentaro Sakaguchi.

This is a story of discovery, in which two strangers met by coincidence and start building an endless bond. Here’s the trailer!

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