Samurai Pirates [Movie Trailer]

Samurai Pirates - 2014

When I was watching the trailer, storyline reminded me to “The Goonies”, just because they’re basically a bunch of kids playing around and finding amazing stuff. The thing is that right here we don’t get disgusting monsters but a story that goes way behind our time. If we tend to love asian movies and dramas it might be (at least a major part of it) because we love samurais.

Samurai Pirates - 2014

This story circles around the life of Kaede Murakami, a girl that lives in an island and tries to avoid this livelihood to be closed because it’s in the way of a ferry ship route.

Looking for a way to save their homes, she and her friends go find the secret treasures that it’s said pirates left hidden somewhere in the island. Not to mention her family is descendent from Takeyoshi Murakami, the general of the “Murakami Suigun”, and that’s where the samurai pirates appear. Yay! =D

I don’t know if it’s really well made, but I’m going to watch it just for fun. Pretty sure there’s going to be some interesting stuff to share. =D

I leave you with the trailer and the poster that just came out! =D

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