Yoon Hee - 2013

Well apparently this is one to suffer loads and loads. You probably can also shed tears all over our blankets or couch (wherever you watch movies). Even the trailer is kinda hard to watch. Anyways I know some people enjoy this heartbreaking movies. Yoon Hee is airing soon and it promises mostly pain.

Storyline talks about Yoon Hee, a north corean refugee who left her daughter in China and is struggling to bring her back. In between she gets into an accident with a handicapped person that sues her. This brings torment to her since the case reaches media and her face is all over the country. That said, she can’t get a proper job and her daughter is still in China.

Yoon Hee - 2013 Korean Movie Trailer


Starring in Yoon Hee (윤희) – 2013

Choi Ji Yeon, Hwang Seok Jeong, Kim Jae Rok, Lee Seol Goo, Jeon Joo Woo & Kim Han Gyoo

In the beginning, it’s a little bit promising, and I’m pretty sure performances are awesome. So, I’ll watch it an review it when it’s available! 😀
For now, enjoy the trailer!

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