You’re Only Mine – 2014 [Drama Trailer]

You're Only Mine - 2014

Every week we get a lot of new dramas on the screen, we nostalgically say goodbye to some of them but then the joy of replacement embraces us so we are happy again. This week there’s a new addition to the SBS schedule. A tearful drama called “You’re Only Mine”.

I rather watch some mixed stories so I don’t end up dehydrated, but well I know some of you enjoy crying with this sorrowful stories so here it is the recommendation in case you didn’t know it was coming.

You're Only Mine - 2014

Cast of “You’re Only Min”: Lee Min Yeong, Jeong Seong Hwan, Song Jae Hee, Han Da Min, Oh Cho Hee & Yoo So Yeong.

Storyline goes on the classic “Poor Girl meets Rich Guy”, but in this case there will be a crime committed by a mother and son couple (apparently female lead’s husband). It could be a great one if we can’t bare with it. =P

Here’s the teaser!

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