Trot Lovers Korean Drama Review 2014

Give me a second…*wipes her tears*, now that this story is finished I will try to give my impressions, although I do not think that they will be all joy and that I wish I could watch this drama again in a few years. Sadly, because the story started really good and appealing but instead it disappeared into a river of tears and hurting emotions. Adding the fact that the ending was not the one I expected in the couple making set up, but that is just personal taste.

The starting point presented a really fun comedy with some characters that were totally original but in the end it was just a big cliché wherever you wanted to watch. The evil was evil until she magically wasn’t, the bad guy was bad until he surprisingly wasn’t, and the good guy…the good guy was just plain awesome, enough to make the whole drama worth watching.

Trot Lovers Korean Drama


Choi Choon Hee is a girl that gives everything she’s got without caring about the consequences, either to her body or her emotions. She used to run marathons until her coach asked her not to, because she might end up hurting herself.

Without much to do in life, since she needs to support her family due to a debt that her father acquired, the only thing she has left is her love for trot music and a wonderful voice, both her mother’s inheritance.

On the other hand, we find Jang Joon Hyun, a bad attitude idol that will do anything that will make him look good in the outside. He’s a jerk that will crush against Choon Hee the minute they meet, since her strong sense of justices will make him loose what he cherishes the most, appearances.

From one day to the other, Joon Hyun’s discographic SEO tells him that he will lose everything if he doesn’t make Choon Hee a trot star, and with that, the old man disappears. The new SEO is his son, a strange character that comes into everyone’s lives with this carefree and clumsy side of him.

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Starring Trot Lovers Korean Drama

Ji Hyun Woo (Merry Mary, Birth of the Rich, Queen In-Hyun’s Man) is Jang Joon Hyun, a despicable idol who thinks he’s in top of the world and won’t care about anything but himself until fate (or his boss) will teach him otherwise. It’s his first appearance after being in the Military, and I think he, as usual, did a good job, although I didn’t like his character at all.

Jung Eun Ji (That Winter The Wind Blows, Answer Me 1997) is Choi Choon Hee, this cheerful girl with a strong sense of justice and a heavy emotional background. She will be betrayed, used and sold, until a really awkward god fairy changes her life. I really enjoy Eun Ji’s characters because she seems authentic, but I don’t think that this was her best performance. Although we got to enjoy her beautiful voice all through the drama, I think that we are getting used to her unique style and in the end she will need variations.

Shin Sung Rok (You Who Came from The Stars, Definitely Neighbors, All About My Family) is quirky CEO Jo Geun Woo, a man full of surprises and with a clumsy adorability that will make everyone cheer for him. I really enjoy Sung Rok characters and I might say that he was the one that made the story worth watching. He’s amazingly funny and creepy at the same time with all that comes with it.

Lee Se Young (Adolescence Medley, Goddess of Marriage, King’s Dream) is Park Soo In, the antagonist that will go to any extent (with a little help from her mother), to destroy Choon Hee. I didn’t like her character at all, in fact, I thought that this was her first drama and I realized that I was completely wrong, not only she has a full list of performances but her face never seemed familiar at all. The nature of her character was hateful, but her depth was inexistent.

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Also starring in Trot Lovers Korean Drama: Son Ho Jun, Shin Bo Ra, Jang Won Young, Yoon Bong Kil, Park Hyuk Kwon, Lee Yi Kyung, Jo Deok Hyeon, Yun Ju Sang, Kang Nam Kil, Kim Hye Ri, Kim Yeo Jin & Yoo Eun Mi.

If I have to conclude in a extreme way, the drama wasn’t good overall, but if I take tiny bits of it, I can see that there were characters that were really cool and would have been better if they gathered more attention. On the other hand, it was a great way to understand and learn about trot music that we K-Poppers might not know much about it. Songs were performed amazingly by the talented Eun Ji, and some emotional scenes through the script felt real and authentic as the melodies were the focal point.

But in the end, it felt unrealistic to the point that someone that attempted murder against another human being shouldn’t be taken lightly as it happened here, and the fact that everything was forgiven and forgotten driven me nuts. It’s a good drama if you want to learn about trot music, but in the other hand, I think you will get frustrated by it. If you’re Sung Rok’s performances fan, you should totally watch it, because he’s the one that makes all this drama worth the time.

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