What Happened in Bali Korean drama review 2004

Following So Ji Sub’s carreer I found this drama called What Happened in Bali. It is a little old, but to my surprise my beloved Ha Ji Won starrs on it as well.

Before entering the small review, I must tell you, this isn’t a story to make someone happy. In fact, I promise you will end up crying, frustrated and mad about the whole thing. But wait! I’m not telling you not to watch it, it is in fact a great troubled story, which I think is completely worth the time.

What Happened in Bali Korean drama review 2004

What happened in Bali synopsis

Lee Soo Jung is a young girl that had a hard life. She’s trying to move on by working as a travel guide in Bali. Her job takes her to meet an strange trio formed by Jae Min, In Wook and Joo Jung. The three friends will hire Soo Jung to take them around and show them the place, but suddenly she will find herself entangled in the middle of a love triangle.

Soo Jung goes back to Seoul, with he extremely bad luck, ends up asking Jae Min for a job. This will be the beginning of a relationship that will complicate everyone’s lives to limits that nobody would imagine.

Starring in What Happened in Bali

  • Ha Ji Won as Lee Soo Jung
  • So Ji Sub as Kang In Wook
  • Jo In Sung as Jung Jae Min
  • Park Ye Jin as Choi Young Joo

If you want to watch a girl doing everything wrong. A guy that it’s completely annoying and doesn’t care about anything but himself. Going around taking other people’s feelings for granted, then this is the story for you.

Is not a very complex plot, is dense, sad and with a ton of situations out of ordinary people comprehension. I still think it’s worth to watch it. Performances are great even tho they drive us mad.

What Happened in Bali OST

The OST of this drama will feel really outdated, it sounds more like a 90s drama than a 2000 one. But on the other hand it’s also memorable. So you might wanna save it in your Spotify folders.

Conclusions of What happened in Bali

This review was hidden among my drafts, and it stated that it was the first time I saw Jo In Sung performing. Now that I have, I can’t agree more, that his job is always amazing.

It’s a drama to suffer, cry and hate almost everyone. If you make me choose between I’m sorry I love you and What happened in Bali, I have to stay with the first one. First, because of the complexity of the whole plot, and second because the actions correlate with logic.

After saying all this, I hope you still want to see it cause even if it makes you cry, it doesn’t mean is not worth it!

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