Casa Amor: exclusive for ladies Korean Movie

An out of the ordinary production that brings sassy and hot to the table, from a bunch of amazingly beautiful ladies. The idea of taking he best of opportunities, even if they are disadvantageous and let prejudice go in order to succeed might be a good way for people in desperate situations to get out of them.

The story behind this movie hides a whole bag of ingredients to make it memorable, although it will have to be well written to be that way. One thing¬†that we will surely find here is laughs and double meaning humor. Hopefully there’s a whole¬†lot behind the easy target jokes.

Casa Amor: exclusive for ladies Korean Movie

Synopsis of Casa Amor: exclusive for ladies Korean Movie

How do you go from a full time employee to being jobless in a second. You can ask Boo Hee, she was working at a toy factory, with great capabilities and with a promotion soon happening, everything goes wrong when she makes a stupid mistake.

This costs her her job, career and everything she had always worked for. What to do now? Jobless, considered old, and with nothing on her hands. That’s when she and Nan Hee decides to start an adults toys business together.

Starring Casa Amor: exclusive for ladies Korean movie

Also starring in Casa Amor: exclusive for ladies Korean movie: Ra Mi Ran, Jo Jae Yun, Bae Sung Woo & Kim Ki Cheon.

I have no idea why this movie has caught up my attention, maybe because I know the main lead is hilarious when she is in the spot and will probably have a great interaction with the second lead Clara, who can be lovable or heatable whenever she wants to. If you haven’t seen anything about this movie yet, here’s the trailer.

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