All About My Romance 2013 Original Soundtrack

All About My Romance OST

There were several things I liked about this drama and the OST of All About My Romance was of course one of them. Although I think the script and performances were its real value. As I said in my review if you haven’t seen it you should and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

If you came here looking for the songs well you will have a preview of the tracks that were included in the production. If you are a fan of it already, then you will be able to listen to this beautiful tracks again. There are several songs to pick from, and every one of them, in the end, will relate to one of the fantastic episodes.

My favorites from this OST were One Step by Tiffany & I Love You by Akdong Musician.

All About My Romance 2014 Soundtrack List

  1. Because It’s Love by Baechigi & Shin Bo Ra.
  2. One Step by Tiffany.
  3. I Love You by Akdong Musician.
  4. Ordinary Love by Shin Yong Jae.
  5. It’s You by Dal★Shabet.

There’s more than meet the eye with this drama. In my opinion is absolutely adorable, but I’m not being objective. Male lead is one of my favorite actors among them all.

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