My Place 2014 Movie Trailer

My Place 2014

There are several movies that portray the social subject within their country boundaries, but I think there’s a charm implicit when the production involves real people and lives. The power of documentary is to show us real life events with the feelings and the thoughts of those involved in it, usually with a message to deliver.

Of course director’s eye has to do its magic, but in this particular case, his family is the one being pointed at, so we might be able to find emotions trespassing the screen.

My Place 2014

In this movie we will be able to go through the life of director’s younger sister who got pregnant at an early age and decides to raise her child alone. This creates a division in her family and she resolves to emigrate to Canada, not only because of her family attitude (mainly her father’s) but to scape from the criticism that the situation will bring to her and her kid.

Movie is made with footage technique of really intimate moments when the director decides to film his sister’s trip back home. As you may know it’s hard to raise a child alone in Korea so when they go back, she will have to find a way to be an untraditional family in a society that is not ready for it, and above all that, to heal the past that broke the internal relationship within her parents.

Director and maker of this documentary is PARK Moon-chil.

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