7th Grade Civil Servant Korean Drama

It seems like yesterday since news about this drama and cast break into the media. I had already seen the amazing Bridal Mask from Joo Won, and the super funny Choi Kang Hee would come back after Protect The Boss. Seeing how this show was being promoted as a comedy, there was no way I was missing it and I was sure it would be great.

This drama about spies and an strange training camp for rookies with the strangest situations between trainees and profesional agents. The whole story will focus into Pil Hoon and Kyung Ja’s characters who get to know each other from outside the NIS. Both of them had a marriage interview with each other and ended up disastrously. Pil Hoon is childish and straightforward, while Kyung Ja is a natural born liar with a good heart and a goal in life.

7th Grade Civil Servant Korean Drama

Synopsis of 7th Grade Civil Servant Korean Drama

A long time ago, three children became orphans because of an NIS operation that went wrong. There was a certain amount of treason in it too, so the eldest son swears revenge.

His plans will have to be taken care of by a group of rookie agents. They just made it trough training and are still struggling to become a group and trust each other. This team work will have to be taken care of by oldest agents who will be in charge of their training, but they also have their own issues including family, the lack of it, in some cases, and their pasts as agents.

All this mixture between missions and personal life will give the whole drama an amazing dynamic, not just focused on the main couple but taking care of the rest of the cast as well.

Starring in 7th Grade Civil Servant Korean Drama

Choi Kang Hee - 7th Grade Civil Servant Korean Drama

Choi Kang Hee (Protect The Boss, Happiness for Sale, Heart to Heart) is Kyung Ja, who needs to enter the spies academy. She wants to support her family but most of all she wants to be someone in life and this is the best way she finds. She is hard working and responsible and always tries her best at the job. That is until she meets the most childish man alive, and ends up as his partner. She’s naturally funny and I enjoy every drama she’s made, this one is not an exception.

7th Grade Civil Servant 4

Joo Won (Good Doctor, Tomorrow Cantabile, Bridal Mask) is Pil Hoon. Is a chaebol that want’s to be someone special and not just inheriting his father’s company. He doesn’t know at first that he will have to sacrifice his entire life for this dream he has, but when he mets Kyung Ja he really thinks it might be worth it.

Chansung - 7th Grade Civil Servant Korean Drama Review

Chansung (A Dynamite Family, Brilliant Thieves Royale, High Kick!) is Kong Do Ha. An ex soldier that keeps his real identity hidden. At first because he doesn’t want his past to bring him any troubles, and later on because he will serve as a rat to the NIS director.

Kim Min Seo - 7th Grade Civil Servant Korean Drama

Kim Min Seo (Good Doctor, Bad Guy, Babyfaced Beauty) is Shin Sun Mi. A girl that knows exactly what she wants even tho in the beginning she does everything wrong.

Also starring in 7th Grade Civil Servant Korean Drama: Ahn Nae Sang, Jang Yeong Nam, Lee Han Wi, Kim Mi Kyung, Kim Soo Hyun, Im Yoon Ho & Uhm Tae Woong.

Conclusions of 7th Grade Civil Servant

Main couple personalities are so over the top that they will keep crushing against each other the entire drama. Twists and turns until they start dealing with their reality. The spy plot will continue without letting our interest go and everyone in this story has a part to play.

Script is fun and watchers will know everything that goes on and who’s responsible of what. The main couple chemistry is hilarious, cute and great, even tho at some points you will want to strangle them both.

Ending was a little bit slow and it felt like it circled around the same subject over and over again. Although it doesn’t fall deep. It’s an excellent, fun and enjoyable drama with a good plot. It has a little bit of everything in it. Highly recommendable!

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