Baby-faced beauty Korean drama

This is a drama that I have seen a long time ago, and had to re watch Baby-faced beauty Korean drama again because I wanted to be fair with the review. In my memory, I loved it when I saw it the first time, but I also knew there was something really frustrating about it that I couldn’t let go even if I wanted.

My almost used up brain is still right. The frustration goes beyond imagination with this characters. And I have to say that the whole plot for people over 30 might be kind of sad and devastating.

Synopsis of Baby-faced beauty Korean drama

So Yeong is a dreamer, she wants to become a fashion designer since she was really young. Due to her family situation she had to leave her dream behind.

After working in a cloth factory for 14 years, she gets fired without any notice. Lost and with no hope she lies to enter into a fashion company as a part-timer. For that purpose she uses her sister’s ID who’s nine years younger.

From now on, she will be known as So Jin, a 25 year-old with no experience in the fashion industry.

Baby-faced beauty Korean drama

Starring in Baby-faced beauty Korean drama

Being old in this drama seems to be the end of the world. Specially for people that has no scruples and will use their dirty methods to destroy the weaklings that are just trying to survive. Jealousy and evilness make the worst dramas.

As I usually tell you, dramas where people are pure evil without any realistic character value, are not deep enough. Jealousy shouldn’t be a plot twister or starter, so that was what I didn’t enjoy from this drama at all. Sadly, this situation lasts too long.

On the other hand, it’s a really cute and romantic drama, with a great creative process showcase which makes it totally worth it.

In conclusion, you will feel absolutely frustrated. You are going to pray for good things to happen soon. And, lastly, yes, even tho you will feel so many things, you will love it without any doubt.

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