Fated to Love You Korean Drama

Okay, where to start when everything about a story has filled every bit of your soul and heart? Whenever I find one of these (lucky this season I found two of them), I reassure the decision of having moved to asian dramas in my leisure time. If you haven’t decided yet, maybe Fated to Love you will make you change your mind if you have never experienced everything that watching a drama brings with it.

With a great amount of comedy and a bigger amount of emotional deepness, Fated To Love You wins your heart from the very first second. There’s nothing on this piece that would be left out or included to be more perfect in rhythm, timing and script. I do have to tell you that I didn’t watch the Taiwanese version yet, although those who did have, have stated that this second version is miles away from the first.

From characters to script, from performances to development, everything went through so nicely and harmonically that the 20 episodes flew away like they lasted a minute. Sadly, because it seems like yesterday when I was writing the trailer post, and I’m definitely going to miss Gunnie and Mi Youngie. My words would be encouraging right now, but in the end, you must know that even tho it is hilarious and fun, there will also be some really deep emotional turn outs, those in which you can’t stop crying even tho you know it isn’t a real story. Just like great dramas do.

Fated to Love You Korean Drama


Mi Young is a girl that can’t say no to any request that her coworkers, friends or family make to her, that will get her always busy and doing stuff for others while not taking care of her own self. She will meet Lee Gun by mistake and because her boss asks her to go buy a basket of sweets for his daughter. The frenetic encounter will only be the beginning of the journey that destiny has prepared for them. Gun was buying a ring to propose to his long time girlfriend, Se Ra, he plans to do it in Macau.

At the same time Mi Young wins a free ticket to go to Macau, and asks the man she’s interested in (and thinks it’s the other way around), to accompany her to have a great time together.

Over there, a series of situations will get them both drunk and a room number mixed up. Gun and Mi Young will end up spending the night together and by result, she gets pregnant. Being as nice as she is, she’s suffering to tell anyone, but when she finds out, also does her mother, her sister and her aunt, the whole island, apparently the world itself.

If this wasn’t enough, Gun is visiting her island, this was not the first fateful encounter between them, although he now has something to know and take responsibility for. So, Mi Young’s mother will force them to marry, Grandma Wang is delighted with the idea, he’s still in love with his girlfriend and Mi Young doesn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, specially Gun, who has always tried to help her out her bad situations, and this time won’t be an exception.

Fated to Love You Korean Drama

Starring in Fated to Love You Korean Drama

Jang Hyuk (Tazza, Iris 2, The Client) is Lee Gun, Gunnie, an eccentric conglomerate CEO in charge of making organic cosmetic products, he has the strangest personality on earth but on the other hand he is absolutely charming and nice while dealing with everyone else. He’s also really loud, so it’s basically impossible to ignore, and that is one of the main reasons that will get into everyone’s heart without effort. One of the best Jang Hyuk’s performances, there should be a huge photo gallery with just his thousand facial expressions, I have never seen him in a comedy before, at least not one that would make me grab my stomach while laughing. You’re going to love Gunnie. Everyone does. 😉

Jang Na Ra (Baby Faced Beauty, School 2013, Love is All Around) is Kim Mi Young, the post-it girl, or as I call her, the most wonderful human being on earth. She’s nice, too nice, naive, too naive, and has this really big good side of her that will make her evil side almost inexistent. Everyone at work takes advantage of her not being able to say no to anything, she’s in love with a nasty coworker, but on the other hand she has a really good friend and a great family, that even tho they are noisy, they would do anything for her. I fall in love with Na Ra’s characters every time I see her, she has this natural virtue that will make you want to hug her forever. I wish she would get more dramas.

Choi Jin Hyuk (Panda and Hedgehog, Emergency Couple, The Heirs) is Daniel Pitt, Danierpittissi, a famous artist that has been looking for his long lost sister, and knows only her name after she was kidnapped. She has the same name as Mi Young, so he feels strangely fated to her, although when they first met, she thinks he’s a priest. He will become an important part of Mi Young’s life, in her need to find a path to seek for a lost happiness. Jin Hyuk’s characters tend to be really similar, charming, caring, and one of those that watchers can’t help but love them.

Wang Ji Won (The Heirs, I Need Romance 3, Good Doctor) is Nam Se Ra, the love of Gun’s life, she’s a ballerina that decides to abandon everything to pursue her dream, but finds out what he was missing afterwards and wants it back, but when she decides to fly back to Korea, she finds out about Gun’s new situation and everything changes. I really don’t like her characters, mainly cause her tone of voice, but in this case, the script put her in a place in which we end up caring for her and, finding out her true nature.

There is a whole cast in this case that made this drama possible, their participations were great and amazing, but I won’t extend myself a lot on each one because it would take me a long time.

Also starring in Fated To Love You Korean Drama:

Park Won Suk (A Hundred Year’s Inheritance, Golden Rainbow, Bachelor’s Vegetable Story) is President Wang, Gun’s grandmother and the one pushing him to get married. By pushing means she tries to set up his love affairs to get a grandchild as fast as possible, so her inheritance would be safe. This wonderful actress will surprise you if you have seen her in other dramas, since this character is the complete opposite to what she always does.

Choi Dae Cheol (Wang’s Family, Come! Jang Bo Ri, Bridal Mask) is Director Tak, Gun’s right hand, he will be in charge of serving his master at all costs, he will also need to bring him back to reality when Gun is obsessed in his own world and will be in charge of a good amount of hilarious moments. I loved his character!

Song Ok Suk (Smile You!, I Miss You, Big Man) is Mi Young’s mother, she’s loud but nice, and an ordinary woman that would do anything for her daughter since she raised her by herself. She’s loud as usual but in this case you will find her lovable and caring.

Na Young Hee (Good Doctor, What happens to my family?, Mother’s Garden) is Lee Gun’s stepmother, she lives in the same house with Gun and President Wang, but she’s not treated well since she’s considered a mistress who cause Gun’s father to abandon him and his mother.

Choi Woo Sik (Rooftop Prince, Family, TEN 2) is Lee Yong, Gun’s stepbrother, also known as Dragon, he’s the cutest kid on earth but has to stand by her scheming mother so he would have anything to reclaim. This posture won’t last long for him since he’s naturally nice and will do his best to achieve his place by his own efforts.

Rest of the cast: Park Hee Von, Oh Sol Mi, Lee Mi Do, Jung Eun Pyo & Lim Hyung Joon.

A great story with everything in its place, you can’t ask for more, nor remove anything. The way symbols tied them together every time they could and the way everyone waltzed the whole story was one of the most amazing times I have ever seen. This is not only a recommending post, this is a must. A great way to look forward with another eyes, and keep going, with the lives that everyone has to live, through hardships and despair, happiness and joy. It’s definitely on the top places of my favorite list along with its OST, and I will probably watch it again very soon.

If you’re looking for something fun (really hilarious at times) and emotional at the same time, go give it a chance, you won’t regret a single bit!! ^_^

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