Nice Guy Korean Drama

Today’s review will meet us remembering Nice Guy or The Innocent Man, as you may also know it. I will talk about it trying not to spoil anything. As you may know this is a super melodrama that will make you cry from the very beginning to the end. First of all, I think performances are great. The cast was meticulously chosen, even the smallest parts.

There was a saying back then, that it could be extended by ten episodes, but please, we need to stop crying eventually! It’s been ten painful weeks, with tears everything. Asking for Kang Ma Roo to have a little joy in his life. I will not say anything about the ending, but I think it was okay, not inevitable but we get an enclosure.

Nice Guy Korean Drama

Synopsis of Nice Guy

A nice guy, not just in name but in action. He becomes a culprit in a murder case by choice. And he choses to blame himself in order to save who he thought was the love of his life. By that time, Kang Ma Roo was a medicine student (a really promising one). He leaves everything behind to save his girlfriend, Han Jae Hee who murders a man.

He spends his years in jail, and by the time he goes back to what is left of his life, he finds out this woman did not wait for him or even care. She is married to a wealthy old man. Her excuse, to scape from her pathetic, miserable and painful life.

Love becomes hate in Ma Roo’s heart and he decides to destroy this woman by any means. With that in mind, he sets up a revenge plan that will not only bring her down, but him as well.

In the way of this setup Ma Roo will find a tough young woman. She’s the daughter of the wealthy man, Seo Eun Ki, and really hates Jae Hee. Because of their conflicting nature and because she suspects Jae Hee will try to harm her father. Ma Roo finds in her the way to achieve his masterful plan, so he will use her to get to Jae Hee, her husband and her child. But Eun Ki’s true nature and her heart will be put in the line as well.

Starring Nice Guy Korean Drama 2012

Song Joong Ki

A Werewolf Boy, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Penny Pinchers

Is Kang Ma Roo, a guy that had a perfect life being a great medicine student. He had a woman he loved and a bright future ahead. He was indeed a really nice guy that would throw everything away if the one he loved asked for it, and so he did. Turning himself into a vengeful being with a twisted mind because of a treason that he couldn’t let be. He’s a fantastic performer and almost impossible to think of him of a revengeful man, that’s what makes his character so appealing.

Moon Chae Won

Shining Inheritance, Good Doctor, The Princess’ Man

Is Seo Eun Ki, an innocent yet tough woman that will do anything to save what it’s left of her mother’s inheritance. She will find a way to do so in Ma Roo’s hands. Without knowing him much will give him too much power for her to handle. She’s idealistic and sincere, but everything will change when she finds out everything that was going on behind her back. Another great performance from Chae Won who has become a part on my favorite actresses list.

Park Si Yeon

The Scent, The Greatest Wedding, Coffee House

Is Han Jae Hee, a woman with a dark past that tries to scape a pitiful life by marrying a rich old guy. Having committed a murder, she is able to scape prison thanks to Kang Ma Roo who blames himself. She now lives a life with everything she ever wanted without even thinking that Ma Roo will come for her. I didn’t like her performance as usual. But the rest of them are so exceptional that it isn’t enough to prevent me from watching the drama.

Also starring in Nice Guy Korean Drama: Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Yoo Bi, Cho Seong Ha, Kim Young ChulLee Sang Yeob, Jin Kyung, Kim Tae Hoon, Oh Yong & Jo Whee Joon.

Conclusions of Nice Guy

Soon Joong Ki’s performance as this story’s lead is impecable, while Moon Chae Won who I already hate in Shining Inheritance, did an awesome job as co protagonist and it’s really easy to empathize with her pain, love and hope for happiness, through a hard moment in her life. The villain on the other hand, Park Si Yeon, was a really good evil as usual, even tho she’s still not my favorite or even close to it.

The rest of the cast did a great job too, I would describe each and every performance because I think they all made what Nice Guy ended up being after all, but it would take me a year to do so.

For those who haven’t started to watch it or have it in a drama list, you should know that you will cry from the very first episode till de end, you will see injustice, pain, and how one person’s ambition can change and ruin many lives. Life lessons, courage and unconditional love, it’s a drama that has everything and I wish everyone would have the time to watch it and enjoy it. Make sure you don’t wear eyeliner while you do! Nice Guy is just amazing.

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