High School King Korean Drama

Another one that goes by and what it is left with High School King is a bunch of awkward yet funny situations that without a doubt conform what I would call a light nonsense comedy. But oh, well, if it isn’t for nonsense why would we watch comedies after all.

I might be going trough a fase that makes me a little too demanding, but hey! current airing dramas make me that way! It’s absolutely not my fault! xD

This was a drama that started up high in humorous situations and funny scenes, and it kept going on although it had some really deep emotional drama in it. Characters were out of the ordinary (mostly) several were annoying as hell, others were too funny to even read the dialogues, and some situations were just so out of the blue that we couldn’t see what was coming.

High School King Korean Drama

Synopsis of High School King Korean Drama

Lee Min Suk is a hot tempered high schooler that loves sports and has become the star of the School Hockey Team. His attitude will usually get him into trouble since he loses his mind the second the rival provoques him.

So his days go from quarreling with his father, to looking for his grandfather who gets lost due to a mental illness, escaping a schoolmate that stalks him calling him “Husband Lee”, getting into fights, training and playing hockey with all his might.

One day, he receives a mysterious call from his older brother, who looks exactly like him but he’s 10 years older and a famous CEO that has been working in Germany. Having to take over a big division in a conglomerate, his hyung asks him to take over for him because he got into troubles and couldn’t explain.

Min Suk won’t be happy with it, but to help his brother he will try to do it with all that this extreme situation brings, he will meet a clumsy secretary, that will make his days a lot funnier, although she’s the most strange woman in the world but also super caring and totally in love with another division’s CEO.

These triangle will grow into a square and bigger when all workmates and schoolmates start bonding outside. That without knowing what’s really going on. Everything flows, relationships flows, truth flows, love flows. There’s only one highly dramatic point that will probably make everyone cry, but the rest of it, even tho they take on serious matters, will be solved effortless and lightly (considering this is a drama after all).

Starring in High School King Korean Drama

Seo In Guk (Answer Me 1994, The Master’s Sun, Some Kind of Goodbye). Is Lee Min Suk and he also plays the older brother when the time comes. He’s carefree but soon his life will absolutely change. Having to deal with his hockey carreer and the new job as a corporation CEO without, of course, any knowledge. Even tho he might seem a little irresponsible, he has a big heart and he’s true to himself. A really well played character although sometimes it felt a little over the top.

Lee Ha Na (Triple, Merry Mary, Sisters in Love). Is Jung Soo Young, a woman struggling with an unrequited love and the fact that she’s a contract worker in a big corporation and that she may lose it any minute. She tries her best to support her younger sister and her messy life, but with her strange looks and dorky attitude, she might have some troubles. It was an out of the ordinary kind of performance from Ha Na, her awkwardness will be remembered, for sure.

Lee Yeol Eum (Can’t Take it Anymore, Boy Meets Girl). Is Jung Yoo A, Soo Young’s teenager sister, and Min Suk’s schoolmate. Her only goal in life is to marry her “Husban Lee”, and doesn’t care if he tells her to stop. She loves her sister, but as any teenager is a little spoiled and only cares about herself. A good part on this girl that will probably get more roles from now on.

Lee Soo Hyuk (Runway Cop, White Christmas, Shark) is CEO Yoo Jin Woo. He’s also the President’s illegitimate son and a man that needs to probe himself he can fulfill his father’s expectations. Even tho it seems like he will never be able to do. With a sad past and present, he can’t let anyone into his life. A good part from Soo Hyuk who’s always relegated to smaller characters.

Also Starring in High School King: Oh Gwang Rok, Kwon Seong Deok, Han Jin Hee, Song Young Kyu, Kang Ki Young & Lee Tae Hwan, among many others.


The drama overall was kept in line not to go overboard. Although some performances were too exaggerated, it just served the story well. I wish there would have been more depth to it. But if viewers are looking for a light comedy with a great amount of defusing situations. Situations that in other stories have been center of attention. Or even complete scandals like stealing identities or a big age gap in a romance.

A strong point is the light weight of resolutions among all the difficult issues that characters needed to face. It felt natural but on the other hand it could have been a little too light. It’s an entertaining drama but unfortunately won’t make it into my fav list.

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