Bad Guys Korean Drama

Apparently OCN is taking the lead in making out of the ordinary stories with strong casts and well made productions. At least from Bad Guys trailer we get the sense that something extraordinary is coming.

If we add a bunch of dangerous criminals that will be in charge of catching other bad guys, well, this will sure be interesting. On the other hand we get great names that portrait these tough characters with the strange dynamic that will result from very different profiles and backgrounds.

Bad Guys Korean Drama


Detective Oh Goo Tak has been suspended due to his abusive use of violence against the criminals he catches. But since violent crimes have been increasing lately, the Police Chief will ask him to create a group of expert delinquents to chase the bad guys.

As a result, Detective Oh will bring gangster Park Woong Cheul, serial killer with an 160 IQ, Lee Jung Moon and contract killer Jung Tae Soo.

The only lady in this strange mixture will be Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young, who will have the extremely hard job to make all these criminal personalities work as a team.

Starring in Bad Guys Korean Drama 2014

  • Kim Sang Joong (A New Leaf, City Hunter, Doctor Stranger).
  • Ma Dong Seok (The Five, The Neighbors, The Flu).
  • Park Hae Jin (Doctor Stranger, You Who Came From The Stars, East of Eden).
  • Jo Dong Hyeok (Inspiring Generation, Brain, Moon and Stars for You).
  • Gang Ye Won (The Huntresses, Ghost Sweepers, Hello Ghost).

Also starring in Bad Guys: Kang Shin Il, Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Byung Choon, Park Hyo Jun & Lim Seong Eon.

Everyone seems to compare this drama to the recently finished Gap Dong, let’s just hope this edition is original enough to make them separate us, just because it will be fun to have original stuff.

On the other hand, this drama will be 11 episodes long, another short story that make me wonder if we’re finally getting some Vampire Prosecutor inheritors. We won’t know until we see them, and it will take a little while until we get to see this one, since it’s airing in October, but in the meantime we get some great trailers that make us more excited.

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