Marriage Not Dating Korean Drama

I’m struggling to write this review. Because I didn’t like the drama over all but there is something about it that kept me interested and I still don’t know what was it. It is fresh from the way relationships are presented. The dialogues feel new and out of the ordinary. But in the end, there are no surprises on how the drama develops. If you have ever seen a love/hate relationship type of drama.

I find satellite relationships way more appealing than the central couple. The way that the story starts it’s too unrealistic to reach enough depth in the personal development of characters. But! I guess it somewhat makes it work. At least enough to make everyone’s heart a little warmer.

Marriage Not Dating Korean Drama


Gong Ki Tae is a plastic surgeon that enjoys his bachelor life. But as usual in traditional families, he is being forced to get married, specially by his mother. To give her a lesson, he picks up a troublemaker girl that would never be accepted by her, and convinces her to play a couple, so his stubborn mother would give up the idea.

Jang Mi will be in charge of throw all kinds of tantrums while visiting her in laws and in the meantime trying to live her life the best way possible. That, to her, is dating and falling in love, she has no other purpose in life. So she starts this fake relationship with Ki Tae, and goes out with another guy in the meantime. But all the feelings will go all over the place when families get involved and also friends and exes.

Starring Marriage Not Dating Korean Drama

Han Groo

One Warm Word, Can We Get Married?, Scandal

Is Joo Jang Mi, a clumsy girl that loves to be in love and gives her everything to it, but on the other hand, she’s too naive and goes out with men that doesn’t love her. Mainly because she doesn’t love herself or her life enough to be independent either in work nor emotions. I don’t know if I’m getting used to Han Groo’s style, but I feel like she always performs the same way and it’s stuck in her fast talking and pouting, she did have some hilarious moments, but overall it felt the same.

Yeon Woo Jin

Arang and The Magistrate, When a Man Loves, Secret Love

Is Gong Ki Tae, this bachelor plastic surgeon that is being pushed towards marriage by a very strict (kinda psycho) mother. He’s annoying and self centered, and can’t be bothered to care about other people’s feelings. He will get himself in more troubles when he starts lying about his relationship. Another good performance from Woo Jin, who’s a master at playing the charismatic evil guy turned adorable.


Dream High 2

Is Han Yeo Reum, a maknae that works part time in a restaurant owned by Jang Mi’s ex boyfriend. He loves cooking but right now has to pay his debts since he doesn’t come from a rich family. He puts his eyes in Jang Mi the second he sees her, and will be the gentleman she was dreaming of. It’s a huge difference from him since Dream High, but I felt he still needs more practice, so more parts for him, like everywhere! xD *hides her fangirl side*

Han Sun Hwa

Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek, God’s Gift – 14 Days, Rosy Lovers

Is Kang Se A, Ki Tae’s ex girlfriend, although she didn’t get the notice of it. She still insists in tramping him to get married using some old drama tricks including getting on the good side of his mother. She’s a plastic surgeon too, so she has a history in common with Ki Tae, but will the flame still burn after all that happens? She’s earning more and more space in dramas and I think she’s fantastic, still a little stiff but over all I liked the way she carried a really hard character.

Heo Jeong Min

All About My Romance, King’s Dream, Scandal in Old Seoul

Is Lee Hoon Dong, Jang Mi’s ex boyfriend and a total bastard when it comes to relationships with women. He uses Ki Tae to break up with Jang Mi, but destiny will make them meet each other again. A complete different character from the one he had in All About My Romance which I adored! But he still did the bad guy job greatly.

Yoon So Hee

Let’s Eat, Big Man, The Blade and Petal

Is Nam Hyun Hee, Jang Mi’s super sweet coworker, a nice girl that puts her eyes in the silly Hoon Dong, while he’s too busy looking somewhere else and being a total clown.

Kim Hae Sook

I Hear Your Voice, Hotel King, The Suspicious Housekeeper

Is Shin Bong Hyang, Kim Tae’s mom, a strict woman that needs to control everything around her life and his son’s, but of course reality will make her see things other way, specially Jang Mi, when they get to know each other as the complete opposites they are. I have said already that I love each and every character of hers and I won’t stop saying it, in this case she was one of the most meaningful and emotional, and also had some hilarious twists. I love you Kim Hae Sook!!

Also starring in Marriage Not Dating: Kim Kap Soo, Kim Young Ok, Park Hee Jin, Lim Ye Jin & Park Jun Gyu.

All the characters had their part in it and the story didn’t circled around just two people but goes through everyone lives. I’ve read that a lot of people enjoyed this drama, I find it difficult to bare completely, I tend not to fast forward them, for the sake of the review, so it was sometimes a little silly and unrealistic. But on the other hand, I feel like it was an extraordinary drama that brought a lot of tabu subjects to the table, what made the script more interesting than the main couple relationship.

It wasn’t the best for me, but I got the feeling that you shouldn’t miss it. Don’t ask me why. 😛

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