My Love My Bride Korean Movie

There are many openings this few upcoming months, lucky for us, a whole parade of stars will be displaying the best, the funniest, and the creepiest of all kinds of stories. Sadly for those that live outside Asia, we will have to wait a long time to finally watch the titles that are airing soon, but it is good to know that they are out there. Even if it is just to create a “to watch” list with our favorite actors and actresses.

This movie has everything to be special, mostly because Shin Min Ah is like the Queen of romantic comedies and she has a natural ability to be cute and funny. The good thing about this cast is that Cho Jung Suk is also a great comedian and the combination of both of them should be hilarious and adorable.

My Love My Bride Korean Movie

Synopsis of My Love My Bride

A couple marries after knowing each other for a long time, but as soon as they move in together, quarrels start being the centre of their married life and forget about their feelings. They are both new to this state and don’t know how to deal with each others feelings and requests, will they be able to stay together or situations will be too hard to handle?

Starring in My Love My Bride Korean Movie 2014

Also starring: Yun Jung Hee, Lee Si Un, Ra Mi Ran, Bae Sung Woo, Jeon Mu Song, Seo Kang Joon, Seo Shin Ae & Yu Ha Jun.

It’s been quite a while since we were able to watch a rom-com movie from lady Min Ah, and even tho Jung Suk was really busy this last years, he has been participating mostly in action movies, great ones, indeed. This movie is a remake of the 90’s first edition in which Park Joong Hoon, who’s now starting to direct movies like the great and recommended Top Star, and the disappeared Choi Jin Shil. To have a little peak of it in advanced, here’s the trailer!

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