Shining Inheritance Korean Drama

Whenever I end up watching an oldie it’s because I’ve been following an actress or actor’s career. In this case, I saw King 2 Hearts a long time ago and I really loved the young king’s character from the super talented Lee Seung Ki. Hideous and spoiled that mutates to be the best we can wait from him. I would make a review, and probably will, whenever I find the time to go through it again. I saw it a long time ago and I wouldn’t be fair to the greatness of that wonderful drama, which I highly recommend.

That’s why I ended up in Shining Inheritance, before watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Because I’m pretty sur that I’m saving the best for later.

Shining Inheritance Korean Drama

Synopsis of Shinning Inheritance

Eun Seong and her brother lost their mother when they were very little, after this deep pain, their father remarried an evil woman. She tried her best to be loved by Baek Sung Hee, but it seemed like she would never achieve the woman’s heart, nor her daughter.

Eun Seong’s father is believed to have died in a fire accident, and when the stepmother finds out about this, she kicks both kids to the streets. The eldest is old enough to get a job to maintain them both, but suddenly her little brother, who suffers from autism, gets lost.

She looks for him until she cannot stand, and in the meantime tries to get a decent job, that’s when she meets an old lady lying at her room’s stairs. She seems to have fallen, and might be in danger, so she helps the grandma out, without knowing that she was a conglomerate president disguised as a poor woman.

This lady has a grandson, who has crossed paths with Eun Seong by accident, and they absolutely hate each other, without even knowing his grandmother plans. She will give her entire fortune to the girl that helped her, because she thinks that is the only way to get her grandson to even care about anything else but money.

Starring in Shining Inheritance Korean Drama

Han Hyo Joo

Cold Eyes, Postman to Heaven, Dong Yi

Is Go Eun Seong, a cheerful hardworking girl that has to live with everything fate has prepared for her. She has suffered a lot, from losing her mother to having to take care of her sick brother by herself. Many things will happen before she loses hope in human kind, and even at that moment, she will still find something to hang on to. A good performance from Hyo Joo, although her character is a little annoying at times.

Lee Seung Ki

You’re All Surrounded, King 2 Hearts, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Is Seon Woo Hwan, a spoiled heir that doesn’t care about making the money, just loves spending what comes from her hardworking grandma. With that attitude he thinks he owns the world and will take a long time to learn his lessons. Another good performance from Seung Ki, but very similar to what we always see from him.

Bae Soo Bin

Secret, Secret Love, The Greatest Wedding

Is Park Jun Se, Woo Hwan’s friend and also someone that will help Eun Seong a lot, naturally caring and with a nice personality. He’s usually in charge of really pitiful characters, that’s why it’s kinda fresh that here has a nice personality and not many problems but to take care of the young ladies. I tend not to like his characters, but he’s charming on this one.

Moon Chae Won

Good Doctor, Nice Guy, War of the Arrows

Is Yu Seung Mi, Eun Seong’s stepsister and the girl in love with Woo Hwan. She will hide her family fact from him, trying to avoid having to tell everyone that she has lost her status. I love her in every drama and every movie she makes, this one, her character is not nice, but she does become a great villain.

Also starring in Shining Inheritance Korean Drama: Kim Mi Sook, Ban Hyo Jung, Choi Jung Woo, Yu Ji In, Jeon In Taek, Yeon Jun Suk, Lee Seung Hyeong, Han Ye Won, Jung Suk Won, Kim Jae Seung, Son Yeo Eun & Min Yeong Won.

Conclusions of Shining Inheritance

Even tho we find it among the romantic comedy category, I understand that it’s way more than that. It displays charismatic characters and the main female lead achieves to deliver emotions wonderfully in a really sensitive way, even tho you might want to slap her a few times.

It’s a long drama with twists and turns, the relationship between the main characters doesn’t seem to improve after too many episodes. The story has a resolution in the very end, so don’t even think about feeling relieved early, villains of this story last too long and they get to show everything they got the entire drama.

Despite the sometimes emotionally hard story, you will enjoy Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Ki’s performances, a great show from Yun Joon Suk, for me was one of the best, as an autistic boy. And the great Ban Hyo Jeong as the one placing every piece of the complicated puzzle with her nice and charismatic nature.

Shining Inheritance is for those that want to experience (only in a screen, of course) how ambition can get the worst of someone’s nature, and on the other hand, how perseverance and understanding, might help to let go of all life injustice. Women in this drama are the strongest point of it, always looking forward despite bad situations. Recommended!

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