The Fugitive of Joseon Korean Drama

Also known as Mandate of Heaven, this historical drama depicts a full package in terms of intrigue, and some bits of action, comedy and romantic tales. I haven’t yet seen a historical drama that wouldn’t show political argues and dirty tricks from the opposite parties.

Unfortunately, to what I expect the drama isn’t out of the ordinary if we think about the script. On the other hand is well written and directed, so you wouldn’t find yourself getting bored or wanting it to finally end.

Let me tell you is not the best story in the world, and it turns really predictable after watching many dramas before. On the other hand, if you’re just starting in this drama wonderland, you will find a good story with a lot of characters and their different pasts and presents.

The Fugitive of Joseon 2

Synopsis of The Fugitive of Joseon

Royal Doctor Choi Won is one of the greatest doctors of the nation but left the palace to take care of his sick daughter since he lost his wife. He stays in good terms with the Prince Lee Ho, who has been his friend since childhood, and also other doctors that used to study and work with him.

Political intrigues are taking place at the palace with a sick King, an ambitious Queen that insists on killing Lee Ho in order to let her own son take the throne, and a couple of ministers that will do anything to get power positions.

The plan is to poison the Prince, and Choi Won will be in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of his friends and colleagues will be murdered when he was at the secret library and he will be involved in it. Having to take care of his daughter, he will need to become a fugitive to be able to cure her and also to try to clean his name.

He will find friends and foes in the tough road, and also will have to face injustice clashing towards his family over and over.

Starring The Fugitive of Joseon Korean Drama

Lee Dong Wook - The Fugitive of Joseon Korean Drama

Lee Dong Wook

Iron Man, Hotel King, Wild Romance

Is Choi Won, this skillful doctor that will do anything to protect his daughter. Stealing a forbidden book from the Royal Secret Library will put him and his family in jeopardy when he discovers one of his doctor friends has been murdered. I enjoyed watching Dong Wook’s performance in this story, since it was so different from Hotel King’s, even tho he faced hardships he felt more natural dealing with pain.

Kim Yoo Bin - The Fugitive of Joseon Korean Drama

Kim Yoo Bin

Oh My Lady!, The Gifted Hands, God’s Gift – 14 Days

Is Choi Rang, Won’s daughter and the light of his eyes. Even tho she’s sick she’s a brave girl that will bare with hurtful treatments to get better. I love her since Oh My Lady! she’s the most beautiful young actor ever and I wish she wouldn’t grow up ever!

Song Ji Hyo - The Fugitive of Joseon Korean Drama

Song Ji Hyo

Emergency Couple, Codename: Jackal, Goong

Is Hong Da In, a Royal Nurse that will be the most help for Choi Won when he’s in danger. She has no idea at first that Won saved her life when she was young. Whenever she finds out she won’t hesitate to do anything in her hands to help him and his family. I love Ji Hyo’s depth in her characters. She tends to be exquisite with expressions, never giving anything out of line. I like her comedies more tho, but she did a great job here.

Im Seul Ong - The Fugitive of Joseon Korean Drama

Im Seul Ong

Hotel King, Personal Taste, Infinite Power

Is Prince Lee Ho, a good intentions young man that will try to live up to the Nation expectations. Dealing with intrigues happening behind his back and his father’s. With his mother in law trying to kill him, he will have to be extra careful. Even tho it will be hard for him to believe at first, he will find a trustworthy friend in Choi Won. I had no idea Seulong improved this much since last year. Unlike Dong Wook’s performance, I liked him way more in Hotel King. He has improved a lot, luckily.

Song Jong Ho - The Fugitive of Joseon Korean Drama

Song Jong Ho

Answer Me 1997, The Suspicious Housekeeper, The Grand Heist

Is Measles Ghost, Lee Jung Hwan, he got this nickname due to his exquisite investigation and persecution skills. Since all proves pointed to Choi Won in the beginning he will chase him restlessly. But since Choi Won’s family will get involved in the investigation, he will decide to look further and let his intuition lead him. Another great performance from this very talented and under valued actor. He should get a lead role already, over here he was my favorite character. ^_^

Also starring in The Fugitive of Joseon Korean Drama: Park Ji Young, Yoon Jin Yi, Kang Byul, Kim Mi Kyung, Lee Jae Yong, Jo Dal Hwan, Kim Yoon Sung, Kwon Hyun Sang, Lee Won Jong, Yun Ki Won, Kim Hyeong Beom, Jung Yoon Sun, Jang Yong Bok, Ko In Beom, Yoo Chae Young, Phillip Choi, Choi Il Hwa, Seo Dong Hyun, Jeon Kuk Hwan, Lee Hee Do, Seong Woong, Park Seon Woo, Kim Dong Joon & Kim Jung Kyoon.

Story is not completely new, since we have had many fugitive movies and dramas. What makes this one original is the introduction of ancient medicine in combination with new investigations and techniques. This, as a result would later be introduced as modern medicine.

It is a good drama, the need of filling up the 20 episodes with intrigues leave us needing for it to finally end. Turning into a quasi vicious circle. It would have been nice if it lasted a little less (maybe 16 episodes). Take out all the going back and forth on the same matters.

The OST is not on the memorable category. But it still is a great story to follow. Specially if you like any of the actors and actresses appearing in the really huge cast. Everyone has their story to tell and that is also interesting to the view.

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