Shitsuren Chocolatier 2014

The sweetness of chocolate has been wiped off my heart with this drama. Shitsuren Chocolatier is as frustrating as few I have seen. I wonder if I should have read the manga beforehand so I didn’t get so involved with it. Yeah, of course women are scary, but in the end you will learn that they have no self esteem whatsoever.

I promise all women in this drama will get on your nerves, and well…guys eventually too. I understand the romantic idea of being able to make chocolates for seven years thinking about someone. But hey! She’s married and dumped you on Saint Valentine’s eve! For someone that apparently tends to overthink situations and feelings, well in the end he wasn’t thinking hard enough or…right enough.

Shitsuren Chocolatier 2014

Synopsis of Shitsuren Chocolatier

A pastry student has been going out with his first love for sometime without labeling it. On Valentine’s Day he decides to confess his real feelings. On the opposite side of he is waiting, she dumps him to marry someone else. His heart crushes and instead of going out to drink and forget about the issue he goes to France. He does it in order to study and learn how to make the best chocolate this dumping girl would love.

He came back and succeeded in the matter, he fed her chocolates for seven years without even noticing. In the meantime to deal with his broken heart he met a friend, a famous model, called Erena, became extra close with each other and they helped themselves to ease the pain because they were in similar situations.

Even tho the first girl (Saeko) was married she kept buying his chocolates and asking him to go out on dates since she was really miserable on her marriage.

I could go on further but I’d spoil everything and that’s not the idea. But there are a lot of situations that will make you hit your head with the keyboard while you’re watching this without being able to drop it. It’s a very charming drama just because of that.

Starring in Shitsuren Chocolatier

Jun Matsumoto (Hana Yori Dango, Smile, Lucky Seven) is Souta Koyurugi, the hopeless heartbroken chocolatier.
Satomi Ishihara (Bull Doctor, Kimi Wa Pet, Zatoichi the last) is Saeko Takahashi, the super cute, super beautiful, spoiled wife. xD
Asami Mizukawa (Nodame Cantabile, Bilocation, I Am) is Kaoruko Inoue, is Souta’s employee and counselor.
Kiko Mizuhara (Helter Skelter, Platinum Data, Norwegian Wood) is Erena Kato, the beautiful and charming model that becomes Souta’s more than friend.
Junpei Mizobata (Hana Kimi, Fly With The Gold, The Wings of the kirin) is Olivier Tréluyer, another of Souta’s employees, he comes from a rich family and has a name of his own, but something (or someone) will tie him up with Choco La Vie for ever.

Selfishness, stupidity, jealousy, stubbornness and hopeless overthinking without the right actions. With that I mean: they tend to think all the best possibilities and when the time comes they go completely opposite. That’s all this drama has, lots of ingredients to make us feel frustrated!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying its a bad drama at all. In fact, I think I loved it, funny bits are hilarious. But it’s a great drama that will make your heart ache as…well…almost all the characters.

I recommend it if you’re not looking for a light fun romantic drama. Instead of that, you will get an emotional one that won’t leave your heart alone. And also the constant feeling that anything can go really wrong in a second. For a better ending, the drama production itself recommends to read the manga, so go ahead and help yourself. 🙂

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