The Chaser Korean Movie

Electrifying. That’s the perfect word to describe The Chaser Korean Movie. And it that has everything that a thriller should have. It’s dramatic, crude and tough to watch. Performances couldn’t be better, the filming quality is splendid and the script is amazing. It has everything to be one of the best movies I’ve seen about crime and thriller genre. It involves murder, investigations, suffering and really wicked type of people.

I think I have enough thrillers to recommend you if you wish. Later on, this week I will get myself ready to do so. If you don’t know what to watch next; and enjoy detective and crimes thriller movies. Maybe it will help you get a title that you haven’t seen yet.

The Chaser Korean Movie

Synopsis of The Chaser Korean Movie

Story circles around Jung Ho, an ex detective that became a pimp. This man manages several escort girls that get paid to accompany lonely gentleman (in the best cases). They work in a defined area as these groups usually do in cities. From one moment to another one of his girls disappears. Jung Ho thinks she run away until he finds her car abandoned in the street. At that moment he starts trying to find her by all means.

Thinking she ran away, he won’t tell the police about it. Obviously in that case he should have to give explanations about his activities which are far from legal. That’s how he will go behind the trace of a man that called him last to ask for her services. To catch him, Jung Ho asks his favorite girl to meet him.

The name of the woman is Mi Jin, and that night she’s really sick and being taken care of by her little daughter. But she goes to do her job as her boss asks. That will be the last contact they have and that’s when the real chase begins.

Starring in The Chaser Korean Movie

Kim Yun Suk (Hwayi, The Thieves, Haemoo) is Jung Ho, the pimp that will start chasing his girls because he thinks they abandoned him, but then discover a hidden and way darker truth about what is really going on with them. As usual, Yun Suk is highly effective with his performances, specially when the characters are well defined, like it happens in this script.

Ha Jung Woo (The Berlin File, The Yellow Sea, The Terror Live) is Ji Young Min a mysterious man that lives in a dark big house, with a biggest front yard. He’s terrifying from the very beginning but that fact won’t be hidden from audience. We will know that he’s a murderer from the start. One of the most charismatic and versatile actors plays the part with chilling mastery.

Kim You Jung (Golden Rainbow, May Queen, Secret Door) is Min Jin’s daughter, a little girl that will be left alone and not knowing what to do with her life. She, in her own way will find a spot by Jung Ho, even tho he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Even tho she’s so young in this movie, she’s still a great actress performing a really tough part.

Also starring in The Chaser Korean Movie: Seo Young Hee, Park Hyo Joo, Jung In Gi, Jo Duk Je, Ko Bon Woong & Kim Young Sun, among many others.

Conclusion about The Chaser Korean Movie

I would extend in performances but the truth is that the entire script circles around this three characters.

What scares me and probably everyone that gets to watch this movie is that it is based in a true story, a real life murderer called Young Cheol Yoo, who ended up killing twenty people. The movie is not an ordinary traditional thriller, it has twists and turns in the script that make it really original and that will make the audience feel the impotence of impunity. Chase will have no rest during the airing time, either tension, action and many tears. Tough and impeccable. Highly recommended!

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