Discovery of Romance Korean Drama

As I told you before, I was only watching Discovery of Romance because I couldn’t wait till Tomorrow Cantabile started airing. And in the end, sadly, it was just that, the walkthrough from Trot Lovers to the highly expected release next week.

From the start, is a romantic comedy, with a bright start, apparently funny posters and trailers but that’s all lies. When you slowly walk towards the end, all that brightness will just disappear into a river of tears and hurtful feelings, words and awkward situations.

Synopsis of Discovery of Romance

Five years have passed since Han Yeo Reum and Kang Tae Ha broke up. It wasn’t something decided by the both of them, but that was how the things were set. After a while he became a successful architect and she a furniture designer.

He dedicated everything to his company while Yeo Reum is struggling to survive with her profession and her long time partner and friend, but happily living a lovely deep romance with a young plastic surgeon.

Things will get all mixed up when this plastic surgeon goes on a marriage date because his mother asks for it, not to cheat on Yeo Reum, but not to fight with her mother. Yeo Reum finds out by coincidence and in the same moment she sees Kang Tae Ha sitting behind the dating couple.

It feels like destiny will scramble them all when the old couple becomes partners in a design project and Yeo Reum doesn’t want to tell about her past with Tae Ha to her reliable boyfriend.

Discovery of Romance Korean Drama

Starring in Discovery of Romance Korean Drama

Eric Moon

The Strongest Chil Woo, Super Rookie, Spy Myeong Wol

Is Kang Tae Ha, a simple minded man who lost a long term relationship because he had no idea about what was going on. He’s still inconsiderate of other people’s situations but he’s straightforward and that will save his soul. As I said, I always love his performances, this drama script is just, too plain.

Jung Yoo Mi

Manhole, The Queen of Office, I Need Romance 2

Is Han Yeo Reum, a childish woman who always does as she pleases even breaking everyone’s hearts. Not like she stays safe (at all) but she only cares about herself when it comes to feeling uncomfortable and doesn’t think about the other’s situations. She tends to play the same part over and over so I tend to get bored of her by the episodes.

Sung Joon

I Need Romance 3, White Christmas, Can We Get Married?

Is Nam Ha Jin, a plastic surgeon with nothing but a big caring heart. He’s been going out with Yeo Reum for some time and trusts their relationship. He will be shaken when Kang Tae Ha appears in her life, without even thinking about the past that ties them together. I know Sung Joon can do better than this, he’s been doing the same part for quite some dramas already.

Yoon Jin Yi

A Gentleman’s Dignity, The Fugitive of Joseon, It’s Okay That’s Love

Is A Na Rim, Ha in’s orphanage sister. They were split up when they were really little and never saw each other again until now. She doesn’t know about Ha Jin’s true identity and will fall for him almost at first sight. Again the clingy type for her, I wish she could do something else.

Yoon Hyun Min

Witch’s Romance, Inspiring Generation, Cruel City

Is Do Joon Ho, Ah Reum’s long time friend and also, Ha Jin’s partner in the Plastic Surgery Clinic, he will be in the middle of this love triangle without even knowing where to run to. Ah, yes to his long time partner in crime, Yoon Sol. He tends to be really funny, but also really similar in the parts I’ve seen before. Although in his case I didn’t mind at all cause he made me laugh.

Kim Seul Ki

My Flower Boy Neighbor, Surplus Princess, Gukje Market

Is the straightforward Yoon Sol. A girl that thinks she knows a lot about everything, but instead she will be bumping agains all walls possible and crying after each bump. The good thing is, she will have an unconditional friend, Joon Ho, who might be a little strange, but he’s exactly what she needs. I love this girl, always, forever.

Also starring in Discovery of Romance Korean Drama

Kim Hye Ok, Sung Byoung Sook, Jung Soo Young, Lee Seung Jun, Hwang Seok Jeong & Gu Won.

The whole drama is about romantic relationships between adults. Truth is that it centers in a really childish character and that makes it a little unrealistic. I’ve always liked Eric Moon’s dramas. I think he’s great at naturally play any role he chooses. On the other hand I feel like the rest of the cast plays the exact same parts they already did in other dramas.

Dynamically it is well directed. Some scenes and dialogues are really funny. Others are absolutely emotional, but overall it feels like many dramas we’ve already seen before. It doesn’t deliver anything special to it but couples breaking up and meeting again.

Last episode cameo is…just pure magic, although it lasts so so little! xD

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