Zu Qi Chinese movie review

I would love to tell you that Zu Qi Chinese movie is great to recommend but sadly this is not the case. The whole story is boring, predictable and well kinda all over the place. Since it is really slow and has almost no script, I can’t tell you will find something really appealing and worth your time.

On the other hand, and taking out all the ornamental stuff on the movie, we can get close to watch how an orthodox patriarchal family evolves to grant the elders wishes despite their own will. That point I think it is the most interesting if we take a complete look at the whole plot.

Zu Qi Chinese movie review

Synopsis of Zu Qi Chinese movie

This is the story of Guo Jiaju, the owner of a small company he built after he graduated from school. When he finds out he is about to go bankrupt, he needs to go back to his family’s house.

His father, now terminally ill, demands him to get married before he dies, but Jiaju’s girlfriend had left him. To be able to go back home and introduce “a girlfriend” he would marry, he finds a escort girl called Lily who will play his fiancee.

Starring in Zu Qi Chinese movie

It is not a recommendable movie at all and there is not much information about it so I couldn’t find a trailer to help you preview it and decide if you want to watch it. On the other hand, if you enjoy watching just anything that crosses your path, then you might wanna give it a try. After all it is an out of the ordinary love story without many emotions displayed and a really loose script that you might wanna leave in the middle.

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