Zu Warriors Hong Kong movie review

You must be waiting for me to make a positive review of Zu Warriors Hong Kong movie, but I can’t, maybe it took me too long to watch it and lost the effect that it had back in 2001. Sadly fifteen years in a film production is a way too long time to even start to notice what was well done by that time or not. But okay, maybe not everything is completely bad in it, let’s see.

I’ll try to give every possible tool to you if you’re willing to watch it, so you know what you will find in it, without spoiling anything important from the plot itself, as usual.

Zu Warriors Hong Kong movie review

Synopsis of Zu Warriors Hong Kong Movie

A mythical mountain range named Zu is the home of immortals clans that seek for peace. This mountain is placed between Heaven and Earth. Soon a daemon called Insomnia, wanting to rule both worlds, starts destroying the clans. Dawn, the ruler of Kunlun Mountains, sends King Sky to fight Insomnia with the Moon Orb, but the moment they part, Dawn is disintegrated.

200 years later, White Brows will sense a great darkness approaching the Omei, and send his student, Red to search for the cause. He will join King Sky and the Omei clan to fight Insomnia.

Starring in Zu Warriors Hong Kong Movie

The mythical idea of the plot it sure is well planned from the starting point. You might wanna find the original version of the movie, because if you find the American edition you will miss several valious minutes from the characters information that are crucial.

If you like late 90’s computer graphics effects, then you should watch it. It’s a really well done movie for that time and specially if you’re a fan of the chinese sci-fi genre. It’s not my case I have to say, but if you are, you shouldn’t miss it. I wish there was more story to it, it’s a complex plot to be wasted in special effects, but in the end, maybe you will enjoy it.

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