Cunning Single Lady Original Soundtrack

I remember not waiting a lot for this drama, because at that time I was still watching Good Doctor and All About My Romance, two absolutely great stories that had these two leads in separated parts but at their very best.

I tend not to expect much from divorce focused dramas, just because the subject doesn’t have much to offer than it has not been portrait yet, but when we speak about the OST that is a whole new world! Lucky because if we didn’t like the drama over all we still get all the nice feelings from it going through a well picked OST.

I might say this is not one to remember from beginning to end but it has its shiny bits that will bring back the story in a blink. And what is if not that what makes an OST special and worth recalling. ­čśë

Cunning Single Lady Original Soundtrack

Cunning Single Lady Original Soundtrack List

  1. It’s Just Love by HELLO VENUS.
  2. I Truly Love You by Yoo Sung Eun & Gilgubongu.
  3. Don’t Know by Oh Yoo Joon.
  4. Beautiful Girl by 1sagain & JUST.
  5. For the First Time by Big Baby Driver.
  6. Alone Again by Big Baby Driver.
  7. Cunning Thoughts by Sunny Hill.
  8. Mirror Mirror by Min Do Hee & J.Min.
  9. What Do I Do? by Yoo Seung Woo.

One good thing about this OST is that it had a lot of beautiful songs despite the drama’s length (remember a 16 episode drama is considered a short one), but there are many stories that have 20 or 35 chapters and still have way less songs on their list.

For me, I Truly Love You by Yoo Sung Eun and Gilgubongu, Don’t Know by Oh Yoo Joon, Alone Again┬áby Big Baby Driver┬á&┬áCunning Thoughts by Sunny Hill were the most beautiful and representatives from the story. That when we recall it, had its super cute moments. I hope you enjoy going back to those moments with this songs.

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  1. i need some help. i am so stuck on the song that plays in episode 9 when he falls asleep and she talks. can you help me?

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