Slow Video Korean Movie

It’s been a long while since we were able to enjoy any of Cha Tae Hyun’s comedies. Apparently this will have everything that its needed to have fun and fall in love with its characters. On the other hand, apparently Nam Sang Mi can’t stop working. She jumps from filming Goddess of Marriage to this one to the current The Joseon Shooter.

These multifaceted actors will gather together to tell us a really small story. It’s almost unbelievable that we get something to watch. If you have seen Hello Ghost, from the same writer and director, another of the great comedies performed by Tae Hyun, you can only expect the best from it.

Slow Video Korean Movie


Since he was a child, Yeo Jang Boo was laughed at because he had an out of the ordinary visual acuity. Having grown up to learn how to deal with his special ability by watching TV Dramas, he goes out to the world to become the King of the South Korean CCTV control center.

Catching culprits and going after the girl he likes, even tho he will think he’s crazy, will be some of the situations that he will be able to confront being at this new job that will probably change his pathetic hidden life.

Starring in Slow Video Korean Movie

  • Cha Tae Hyun (Hello Ghost, Scandal Makers, My Sassy Girl).
  • Nam Sang Mi (The Joseon Shooter, Goddess of Marriage, The Peach Tree).
  • Oh Dal Su (My Paparotti, Traffickers, The Pirates).
  • Go Chang Suk (Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek, Miss Conspirator, Over My Dead Body).
  • Jin Kyung (It’s Okay That’s Love, Basketball, Good Doctor).

Also starring: Kim Gang Hyun & Yoo Young.

It will probably have its ups and downs, specially if we’re used to the director style, but on the other hand, the partnership between Tae Hyun and Kim Young Tak is amazing and will definitely bring out the best from the story and the performances.

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