Mirae's Choice 2013

Since I made the review this week I wondered if you were able to listen to Mirae’s Choice Original Soundtrack. it wasn’t one to remember but I usually like to go back in time and go through songs of dramas I’ve seen.

Mirae's Choice Original Soundtrack

Songs bring memories and feelings back (and some nostalgia too), but most of all it pops up images on our heads. Here there are the main songs of this past drama, I wonder if someone will remember them some years in time, we probably will. Teehee!

My Pick to Remember: Melody Day’s “Only Me” and Park Hyo Shin’s “It’s You”

Mirae’s Choice Original Soundtrack List

  1. My Lady by Kim Tae Woo
  2. I’m OK by Yoo Na of AOA
  3. Casting Love by Jun Geun Hwa
  4. Only Me by Melody Day
  5. Paradise by Cyndi
  6. It’s You by Park Hyo Shin

You can listen to some instrumental tracks that were also included as background music.

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