Liar Game Korean Drama

I have to confess that like Nodame Cantabile, Liar Game is also one of my favorite Japanese drama of all times. So I might be extra picky with their Korean version. I love the casts in both, and I was ultra happy when I found out about his remake. But I know that I will have to wait for them to air to finally give my opinion.

Anyways, enough of my own tastes. Let’s discover this amazing story that I promise you will get you trapped the instant it appears on your screen. It certainly is a psychological thriller in which its participants tend to feel asphyxiated and so will the audience.

Liar Game Korean Drama

Synopsis of Liar Game Korean Drama

One day, Nam Da Jung finds a box outside her apartment’s door. This mysterious box is the entrance to a wicked and strange game. She will have to beat up the rest of the contestants so she wouldn’t be left with a huge debt.

To beat up the rest of the contestants she will need to take their money, and with her naturally naive and kind nature (too kind, too naive) she will try her best to succeed when she encounters an ex swindler, Cha Woo Jin.

He has a hidden purpose to join the game, and she has been obligated to do so, so together they will try to get to the end of it staying truth to their nature, but encountering a great amount of different people and of course, rules in this particularly strange game.

Starring in Liar Game Korean Drama

Also starring in Liar Game Korean Drama: Cha Soo Yeon, Choi Jin Ho, Lee Si Hoo, Choi Yoon So, Jo Jae Yun & Lee El.

The sense of unfairness will soon give space to the need of winning the game. We can sense a change of direction in the casting, since the manager of the game over here is the master of faces Shin Sung Rok, instead of the beautiful Michiko Kichise. It’s also displayed as a reality show, which is a bit different from the original too. I would recommend you to watch the whole Japanese story first, but you might just start with this one.

There will probably be a long list of cameos, since the game itself will request it. But as I always say, we will have to wait to see and there is no better thing to do now than watching the promising trailer.

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