Manhole Korean Movie

Its been a while since we got a thriller trailer to enjoy. Enjoy just in a matter of speaking, since they are usually a little hard to deal with. But if you are a fan of crime, serial killers and Korean stories about them all, then you will probably wait for this story to air as soon as possible.

If we focus in the cast only, well it looks really promising from the genre to the names gathered together to deliver thrill, action and of course, horror of crime movies. It also display a little twist among all the similar movies from the same type, luckily we will have another one to add to our favorites list, which’s been a little left out lately.

Synopsis of Manhole

A young girl is kidnapped by a serial killer. He is known to put his victims in manholes so that’s where Soo Jung will end up being.

In this particular crime, Soo Jung is not alone, she has an older sister, Soo Chul, who will try to move heaven and earth to find her and save her before it is too late.

Manhole Korean Movie

Starring Manhole Korean Movie

I have to accept that I can’t get enough from Korean thrillers. Since they always have something new to display and surprise us. That aside, I think the cast is one of those that are really talented and could conform a great screen chemistry. But I won’t talk anymore, since we will have to wait to watch it. Here’s the trailer!

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