Tomorrow Cantabile Korean Drama

Okay so I have to breath in and out quietly if I do not want to die of excitement with this upcoming drama. The thing is I totally love Nodame Cantabile from anime to dorama and movies. Love its characters, the music and everything that has to do with the strange world of Noda and Chiaki.

So, when I found out that there was going to be a Korean version of it, on one hand I was terrified, specially from the names that surrounded Noda’s character, so it was a great relief to know that Shim Eun Kyung was doing it. And on the other hand, I was totally reserving the time to watch it since I would not dare to miss it. Cherry on the top was Joo Won being a part of it, since he tends to make every production worth the time. Yes I am a fan, sue me. 😛

After all this time passed, since we knew about this production, we finally get the first images with everything that brings, this lovable characters and the music that sticks them together like glue.

Tomorrow Cantabile Korean Drama


Cha Yoo Jin is a genius musician that wants to switch his career into direction. Being as demanding as he is in the quality of sound, he will obviously be found obnoxious. He will have to struggle with emotional scars that will get him stuck in Korea. In the meantime he will meet the completely mess that is Nae Il, his messy neighbor. He hates the way she is and her strange ways of following him around.

Everything will change, when he listens Nae Il, play the piano. And although they will have a long way of discovery between their careers and their unmatched personalities, music will help them overcome their worst fears.

Tomorrow Cantabile Korean Drama

Starring Tomorrow Cantabile Korean Drama

  • Joo Won (7th Grade Civil Servant, Bridal Mask, Good Doctor).
  • Shim Eun Kyung (Miss Granny, Masquerade, Bad Guy).
  • Park Bo Gum (Wonderful Mama, Wonderful Days, Bridal Mask).
  • Ko Gyung Pyo (God’s Quiz 4, Potato Star, Flower Boy Next Door).
  • Baek Yoon Sik (Harvest Villa, The Face Reader, I Am King).
  • Min Do Hee (Answer Me 1994, Mother’s Garden, Secret Temptation).

Also starring in Tomorrow Cantabile Korean Drama: Jang Se Hyun, Kim Yoo Mi, Lee Byung Joon, Jo Yoon Woo, Baek Seo Bin, Ahn Kil Kang, Ye Ji Won, Namgung Yeon.

After all I said in the beginning of the article, you might have a slight clue that I am a great fan of the series. You will probably have the review after it finishes. Since I feel like time will fly with this one, just like it does with really really good stories. Can’t wait! Here’s the trailer! 😀

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