Ogawa-cho Serenade Japanese Movie

I have been waiting for a story like this, one that tells an original tale from ordinary lives. There are some of them out there but not many promise us the joy of going through. Specially cause ordinary lives tend to be dramatic when screened in a movie. Something needs to be appealing enough in order for us to be interested in the script, doesn’t it?

On Ogawa-cho Serenade, starting point is appealing enough to get us waiting for the release. It has fun and emotional moments that go through a reality that is might be really different from our daily lives, but still feel natural enough to empathize with it.

Ogawa-cho Serenade Japanese Movie


The story circles around the life of a single mother, Manami and her daugther Sayoko, she runs the “Snack Bar Sayoko” and was able to raise her daughter well during all this time. Sayoko’s father is known as Angel, a drag queen dancer, but the truth is she doesn’t know Angel’s her father.

Manami and Angel have been friends for a long time and decided not to tell Sayoko about her past. When Sayoko graduates from high school she moves to Tokyo and comes back as soon as she fails at every relationship she has.

Back in her hometown, she finds out her mother is having troubles running the snack bar and might end up shutting it down. That’s when they all decide to open an Okama bar and ask Angel for help. Will they bring fun to their town and save the bar?

Starring in Ogawa-cho Serenade

Also starring in Ogawa-cho Serenade Japanese Movie: Kinako Kobayashi, You Takahashi, Shinnosuke Abe, Kokone Hamada, Ryuichi Ohura, Kazuhiko Kanayama, Ren Osugi & Hachiro Ika.

I certainly can’t wait to watch this movie, from the preview we can see that it has a charismatic bunch of actors and actresses and that the story might be as well really interesting from an inner sight point of view. As usual, here’s the trailer!

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