Bride of the Century Original Soundtrack

It is really hard for me to go back through any tiny bit of this drama. First because for me it was horrible. Second because I do not recall enjoying anything from it. Even the music, which in most dramas saves the day, even tho the story might not be appealing. That doesn’t prevent me from sharing the Bride of the Century Original Soundtrack.

Wanting to forget everything about it, goes against the need to go through the OST and share it with you, because you may be nicer than I am and mostly maybe you enjoyed it a lot, and it would not be fair if I just ignore it and avoid it like it never existed. I just wish Hong Ki would get a killer part in a great drama because he is definitely talented and he deserves it, that and a great female partner too.

Bride of the Century Original Soundtrack

Bride of the Century Original Soundtrack List

  1. Come Inside by Lee Jae Jin.
  2. Words I Couldn’t Say Yet by Cho Ah.
  3. Words I Couldn’t Say Yet by Lee Hong Ki.
  4. My Girl by 2Young.
  5. Do You Know? by Jun Geun Hwa.

It is not a long list but it is probably good enough to make you remember some bits of the story that went, mainly nowhere. The title song, Come Inside, sung by Lee Jae Jin was the most memorable and it does recall the story in a nice way.

My favorite is Lee Hong Ki’s Words I couldn’t say Yet, because I just love his voice, and the song has a new emotional feeling when he sings it and even tho there is a girly version I feel like it has nothing to do with his in terms of emotions. Maybe because he was part of the story that felt more realistic.

I hope you enjoyed this story way more than I did, and also that the OST brings you nice memories from it so you can go through it again and again. 🙂 Here’s the list!

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  1. Hi! It’s been 6 years but I still don’t know the title of the song featured in ep 11 when Yi hyun got injured. It has a female singer. Do you know it’s title? Hope you can help.
    Thank you very much.

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