Plus Nine Boys Korean Drama

With a cast that embraces four decades, this out of the ordinary drama is preparing to be aired this week with some great names and a possible way to join four man in completely different states in life. Lately tvN has been releasing great stories that came to compete with the biggest budget dramas, and succeeding in be interesting to the audiences and also fulfilling high expectations.

Plus Nine Boys will bring four man that are about to change their age decade, since there is a Korean tradition that everything that has a nine on it brings misfortune and hardship, that includes the last year of every decade in anyone’s life.

This four men will bring the best and the worst of the decades change, as we all know they tend to be a crisis and either youngsters nor older people can get rid of this. Life, work, love and friendship won’t leave anything out.

Plus Nine Boys Korean Drama


Ku Kwang Soo used to be a successful production director at the Nation’s top live music program. But everything broke into pieces when an indie band that he casted decided to flash the whole country during a live broadcast by dropping their pants on stage. He loses his job and stays in a hidden place since then. On the other hand, he wants to get married but instead he works all the time and it will be hard for him to find a match now that he’s 39.

Kang Jin Gu is the oldest of three brothers. He works as a tour planner with high self esteem, popular and doesn’t care much about anything. Since he turned 29 he starts to reevaluate his future, love and life.

Kang Min Gu is Jin Gu’s middle brother. He’s now 19 years old, and dreams to become a judo gold medalist. He sets his goals into a good college that will help him achieve it.

Kang Dong Gu is Jin Gu and Min Gu’s little brother. He’s a child actor that became famous after doing food commercials since he has a great appetite. Competition in life can come at any age and Dong Gu finds a new rival in work and in love.

Starring Plus Nine Boys Korean Drama

I’m pretty sure we could wait for a hilarious and full of ordinary situations. It will probably make spectators to identify with the characters in several ways. Here’s the trailer.

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