The Informant Korean Movie

I usually enjoy Korean movies that tell true stories. Even tho they are an adapted truth, the fact that what we are seeing might have happened somewhere in any time, ads a plus. Specially if the story is well written and directed like many examples we have seen in the past.

Thrillers are always welcome and the cast promises great performances. So we just need to wait for the script to be appealing enough to make everyone engaged. It might be a little subject specific to be directed to all audiences but in the end, since the story behind this fraud is really famous, there might be a lot of people interested in knowing what happened.

The Informant Korean Movie


This particular movie brings out a story about a renowned veterinarian and teacher that claimed to have cloned cells in 2005. Although after a year the truth saw the light revealing that he was a fraud.

An informant that works under the veterinarian orders. And meets a news investigator to expose this information as they never existed. This shocking news will point the lights towards Dr. Hwang. He is now a celebrity and of course, to the investigator and the whistleblower that will try to enlighten the media about this issue going against big corporations too.

Starring The Informant Korean Movie 2014

It has been a while since Park Hae Il took part in a thriller. It will probably be a great comeback. But until we see it there’s nothing we can do except watching the trailer and the images that come with it!

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