The Satellite Girl & Milk Cow 2014 Movie Trailer

I have never watched korean anime before, so this might be the first time. Just because I think the story in The Satellite Girl & Milk Cow is pretty original and of course, because I love anime (another of my long list of entertainments). This film in particular caught up my eye because it was revealed that Yoo Ah In was in charge of the main character voice. To my surprise the trailer is amazingly appealing from the drawing and the inicial storyline.

Synopsis of The Satellite Girl & Milk Cow

Starting point is really similar to some of Miyazaki’s stories. The way the main character looses faith in himself or goes through hard times and becomes something else. In this case, Kyung Cheon, lets himself go and turns into a milk cow. In the meantime, a space explosion makes Uribyol Ilho (the first Korean Satellite) to fall from the sky. With the help of a little magic that device turns into a girl.

The Satellite Girl & Milk Cow

A man in daylight a cow in moonlight. Kyung Cheon goes through his life without a heart. In this world, there’s an agency that chases this people. The moment they try to get their hands on him, Ilho saves him.

As I said Yoo Ah In gave his voice to Kyung Cheon, and Jung Yoo Mi did the same for Ilho. The movie production started as an independent project in 2011. It wasn’t until now that found the support to be released and showcased properly.

This is probably not only a movie for kids, but for those who refuse to grow up and keep dreaming a little. Being released next month, I hope I can watch it soon! Here’s the trailer.

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