Snow is on the Sea Korean Movie

Winter brings the most sad love stories of all times, and Snow is on the Sea will probably not be an exception. The totally busy Park Jae Jin with his debut on the big screen, and the (in my opinion) underestimated Lee Young Ah, will bring this strange but passionate couple to this film that promises love and tears.

I am not a great fan of romantic dramas, maybe because after watching so many stories everything has been said and done in that genre. Of course, I might be wrong, lets hope that’s the case here.

Snow is on the Sea Korean Movie

Snow is on the Sea Korean movie synopsis

Sun Mi has always been weak and because of being sick she had to be hospitalized all the time. Back then she used to spend her time enjoying scents and the smell of the snow. After the time passes, she’s diagnosed with a blood disease called Myelodysplastic syndrome which has a really hard treatment.

She survives her illness but is still weak. Gets to work at her dream job as a fragrance maker and enjoys making mixtures. She usually travels abroad to discover new scents from exotic spices and flowers and that’s when she will meet Sang Woo, a trainer that works at an aquarium she visits.

He cares about animals and he’s also passionate about his job over there. They will fall in love and keep on dating as a couple. But they both don’t know about the hardships they will have to face.

Starring in Snow is on the Sea Korean Movie

Also starring in Snow is on the Sea Korean movie: Song Jae Hee, Jeon Mu Song, Pyun Bo Seung & Oh Eun Ho.

No high hopes for this one, but maybe I’m all wrong about it. I enjoy the actors’ previous works so it will probably be worth to watch it. Either way, we have to wait till it is released so, here’s the trailer!

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