The Cat Korean Movie

I have no idea if I ever wrote a review about any of Park Min Young’s performances. The fact is that she’s not even close to my favorites list and with this movie…let’s just keep her there. The story is about a mysterious cat that seems to be killing those around him and a girl that works as a groomer. She will obviously be chased by the cat and try to solve the mystery after having to deal with deaths around her.

This is a story that has more jumps and scares than a real story, in fact it felt a little light when we start finding out what’s really going on with it. If we at least would get some good performances…that would be awesome but…we don’t.

The Cat Korean Movie

Synopsis of The Cat Korean Movie

A girl working as a groomer at a pet store, takes care of everyone and everything over there, specially mascots, but at some point she starts seeing things, a girl ghost that, without knowing first, relates to a series of murders around the store.

This murders also circle around the cat she grooms, and the claustrophobia she suffers from. This cases chase her and will turn stronger to the point that her life will be endangered.

The Cat Korean Movie

Starring in The Cat Korean Movie

Park Min Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, A New Leaf, City Hunter) is So Yeon. A nice girl that works as a groomer. Suddenly a demoniac cat starts chasing her, appearing whenever she is. Also the curse that comes with it. Her performance is the same as usual.

Also starring in The Cat Korean Movie: Kim Ye Ron, Kim Dong Wook, Shin Da Eun & Lee Han Wi.

I can’t talk about the rest of the cast without spoiling so I rather you discover it for yourselves, that’s it if you decide to waste some time. xD

The movie is a thriller suspense, one with some horror bits. But it’s still really light compared to others. Recommended for those who startle easily and enjoy it because you’ll get tons of jumps off the coach with it.

Trailer and teasers are way more appealing than the actual thing. The script is slow. And even if everything is explained in the end, you will end up filling that it isn’t a good movie.

Recommendation is, if you have better things to watch, go watch those. Don’t start with this one, it ins’t aaaall that bad but it isn’t great either.

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